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  1. Yes, ultimately Pete didn’t trust them not to keep on diluting them... a Wal with Duncan Designeds, generic preamp and a Schaller bridge would be a fine bass but not a Wal. Paul’s simply not interested and is hugely protective of the brand and hand building to his own high standards.
  2. Trust me that is NEVER going to happen!
  3. So much great bass in CS’s discography... you have been missing out!
  4. Fabulous thread. Reminds me of this fabulous tune...
  5. Neil just sent me some custom bouzouki strings through mid this week. When I ordered them a couple of weeks ago he apologised in advance to say that there was only him in the workshop (Social distancing) so it would take a couple of weeks. May just be busy on his tod
  6. For the band's last tour in 83 promoting the Thunder and Lightning he was playing this bass... Never entirely worked out what it was. An awful lot of knobs for a guy best known for rocking a P bass! Saw them twice - in 81 when he was playing the Ibby (never liked that headstock) and on that last tour with this bass.
  7. The two big questions marks for me on the Eastwood "repro" would be replicating the brass bridge and the MBI, MBII or MBIE pickups. if they can't/won't replicate those then it won't look, feel or sound like an SB. It's one thing to tool up for the woodworking for a mid-price shortish run model. However, I find it hard to see them doing anything but slapping a generic high mass bridge and soapbar pickup in it. They're sure as heck not going to be going to Rautia or similar to get a proper replica pickup at $899 per bass.
  8. And a fantastic choice of music too!
  9. This guy probably needs to get out more...
  10. First week back at church this week (tho we weren’t there because of shielding) but Sky News came to cover the service! And they also did a very complementary and neutral piece on their website too! Nice! https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-no-singing-as-churches-reopen-so-worshippers-get-creative-to-express-themselves-12021725
  11. "He picked it up and JUST LOOK WHAT HE FOUND INSIDE*!" - check out my latest video of me drinking a mug of instant coffee! *
  12. So here is this week’s tune - rather less homespun than last week’s. Absolutely no bouzouki on this little EDM tinged number! Let Praise Awaken. See what you think... Not sure I’m 100% happy with the filter tone for the pseudo synth bass sound yet - needs a touch more dialling in but it’s sort of there. Also, not sure what happened with the electric guitar. It seems to unsync itself completely by the end. Much as the idea of posting videos on the interweb of me playing solo appalls me to the core of my being I thought you might find the squishy, squelchy tones used interesting to hear solo... so... gulp... here are some edited extracts from the video I sent in to Ben to use in the song... shudder can’t believe I’m posting this...
  13. Here’s my pedalboard... Every pedal has a job to do (even if they don’t get used much or are specialised). Tuner - obvs Tech 21 VT Bass DI - amp and speaker sim signal for FOH. OD - for a bit of grit on the rockier numbers. Chorus - for a bit of 80s shimmer on the odd worship ballad Tremolo - for a bit of moodiness on some sections. It’s an effect I really like for sustained notes on a “down bridge” Envelope filter - mostly used in conjunction with the OD for synth bass type sounds for those EDM influenced worship songs. Lehle switcher - swaps the OD, filter, trem and chorus in and out of the signal chain so when not using them the signal goes straight from the tuner out to the Sansamp in.
  14. Prefab Sprout on shuffle. Currently “Faron Young” from the “Steve McQueen” album. Perfect for chilling on a Saturday cooking a nice stir fry for lunch... not listened to the band for ages. The 9 year old thinks their name is hilarious!
  15. Recording my bass part this evening for this week’s lockdown video for our streaming service on Sunday... and look! A pedalboard! Nice to have an excuse to pull it out for the first time in three months... Yikes! But which ones are switched on? Hmmmm... I wonder what song it is that needs to be all squelchy? Guess we’ll find out on Sunday! 😉
  16. They’re hits for me... and that’s what counts. And I hadn’t spotted a Jack probably meant “Top 40 chart hits”. Though JMJ certainly had a few from Oxygene! And Mag Fields 2 was a hit in France!
  17. Orion - cover by Rodrigo y Gabriela! Just stunning!
  18. Cissy Strut - The Meters Colibri - Incognito (presuming that scatting doesn't count as words) YYZ - Rush La Villa Strangiato - Rush Rhayader - Camel (or in fact, the entire Snow Goose album) Telstar - The Tornados Oxygene and Magnetic Fields - Jean-Michel Jarre
  19. Easy choice for me... my 1985 Mk 1 Wal Custom Bass... been my go to bass since 1992 when I bought it... Though, to be honest I love all my basses...
  20. So this morning's Lockdown video was my bouzouki debut. King Of My Heart has a nice Celtic sort of vice to the melody and so the jangly sound worked well .Also a good excuse to drag out the acoustic bass - a Faith Neptune Titan which comes over really nicely in the track. Plus as an extra treat (because it was Fathers' Day) our worship leader and her dad - our senior pastor - did a nice version of the Blind Boys of Alabama's version of Amazing Grace. You might just recognise the tune!!! Back in the 70s he used to do a lot of work with Cat Stevens, Mike D'Abo and John Kongos - and allegedly gave Mo Foster his first professional gig as a session guy!
  21. @silverfoxnik owned the Wal Pro IIE that Nick Beggs used to record Too Shy for a while...
  22. Absolutely! Been practicing the bouzouki part for a few weeks and consistently since Monday when the worship leader confirmed it was this week’s tune. Bass line is just roots and a few connecting runs so did one run through and one take. Phew. Quite a few aborted runs on the bouzouki to get a couple I was happy with. Our worship lead we wants us to smile at the camera a lot... which is the very thing that throws me. Now just wondering how it’ll come out when compiled?
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