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  1. Looks ace, just bought a Badass bridge for my Japanese fender jazz, right number of screw holes but only the centre one is right, sigh.
  2. Mmm, got a Bta300 myself, thought they were just over five stone, i never put it completely down on the floor, or that's what ill be flat on. But i paid 700 quid for mine with flight case, great amp, i can run both my Orange Obc115's with it, woo !
  3. i no longer have any albums, if you were to recommend his best album, which would it be ?
  4. MWH

    York or Leeds?

    I moved from Edmonton, North London to west Yorkshire many moons ago, stopped going to London when all the oldsters had passed. I go to both York and Leeds regularly, couldn't live in Leeds, as a country boy now it's too busy and fizzing for me, York I could manage, if your heart is up here, could you not have a short break in York and check out the "scene" ? Apologies if I'm telling you how to sucks eggs. Best of luck with your decision fella.
  5. MWH

    Which valve amp

    Really ?, only me pondering his xmas tree up in September then, lol. 🐾
  6. Thanks for that, always wondered why guitar player's used an amp with that moniker, learn summat new everyday.
  7. Simnet guitars, Simo is a basschat member, real name Jon, i've just bought a 32'' lined and fretless from him, would be in your budget.
  8. MWH

    Music Man SUB

    You mean the guy who ''makes'' wide necked guitars for chubby fingers ?
  9. ....and a big thumbs up from me, the guitarchat is interesting too, excellent.
  10. Great amp, good looks !
  11. so, others have asked, but, Exactly where on this site do i ask for possible bass tabs ?

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    2. SpondonBassed


      And then we wouldn't have the riotous laughs over the endless debate - Notation vs TAB

      What would we do for fun then?

    3. Geek99


      torture defenceless kittens ?    its slightly up on the fun scale from the notation debate

    4. SpondonBassed


      I prefer non specific cruelty but go on, I'll share a kitten with you.


  12. MWH

    Which valve amp

    Oh yeah !, I have one of these Ctm100's, everything that the other members have said and better all rounder than my Ashdown Bta300 hybrid, which I can barely carry !
  13. MWH

    Bass tabs

    Hi guys, not wanting to hi-jack your thread, is this the right area to ask for tabs ?, i want some for a song that doesn't seem to be available on T'web, and wondered where to put my ''wanted add'' Good luck with finding what you want fella.
  14. MWH

    Umm.... Hello

    Hello Sarah, I briefly played bass in my dad's dance band mid teens, your looking at a gap of nearly fifty years here for a re-start , you've already achieved more than I ever will band-wise, well done !
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