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  1. Hi, what scale length please ?
  2. Hi, guess it's 4/4 full scale, 34" ?, looking for a lined/fretless, but 32 inch max. ��
  3. Hi, sorry moderaters, haven't the time to Google every bass that comes up for sale in that forum just to see specs, is possible that folk wishing to sell short scale or medium scale can somehow make it the first thing in their listing spiel, or contact me, it must be mint though, there must be a lot less of these two scales than full size for sale. I'm holding out my arm so you can slap my wrist ! 🐾
  4. Guitar Porn

    As I don't deserve anything better due to lack of talent, I got this mint Nevada for seventy quid off the 'bay' and dropped the Emg's in with a new wiring harness. It's been proffesionley set up which cost more than the original price.
  5. Oops, the big-uns got a non valve pre-amp, still weighs over six stone though !
  6. Orange OBC115 Cab

    Yes, yes, Yes ! your so right, two 15" Orange cabs is the way, I have a 2x10" orange cab if I need some highs, run it with one of the 15's. 🐾
  7. I'll give it a bump, thanks for pointing out that it's here, still extremely interested, will keep in touch.
  8. WITHDRAWN Please delete

    Hi, thanks for the info, I'm still interested but need to sort the tax man first sadly, I'm waiting for a letter, it's like watching paint dry.
  9. WITHDRAWN Please delete

    Hi, I play shortscale, and I'm warming to this instrument, been watching youtube reviews, etc, so as you have found out the manufacturing date I'm assuming you bought it pre-owned, do you know how many owners it's had, and what makes you sell it so soon ? ��
  10. It's gone, please remove.
  11. Hi, I fancy some kind of keyboard/organ sounding jobby that I could use as a very basic "filler" cum backing track. Something that is almost one key does a chord ? I have no idea where to start, HELP ! IT doesn't want to be big or expensive, or need a computer. Thanks.
  12. Noise levels and neighbours

    I live in a small two bed bungalow, detached. I live on my own, very detached ! I practise to tracks off youtube played through a 100 watt bass amp into a 2x12 marshall guitar cab, my bass is running through two 15" cabs powered by a 300 watt Head, no one calls, not one witter despite the folk at the bus stop all looking at my place simultaneously , hah ! Neighbour says I have to stick to Gary moore stuff cos she enjoys his guitar riffs, sorry, I don't own headphones, can't think why, there'll be a reason, smirk.
  13. Rolling Stones new album..

    I asked for the CD as a Chrissy present, sounds way better at window rattling level in the house than in the car. Yeah, it's a bit samey in places, so are a lot of other artists output, it's as usual one man's opinion. Worth a listen !
  14. Wot ! no interest whatsoever? talk about BUMP
  15. Ok, so I could take less, this thing stands me at a grand !, ��