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  1. For no good reason

    Hah ! Jeff Lewis has done work for Ashdown in the past, he tells me the sub-harmonic chip in the Ashdown pre-amp was originally built for car radio's, like a bass boost, he should know.
  2. For no good reason

    Well, that's that then, when I can see the door of the shed instead of snow I might get my spare bass cab out and have a go at that. Don't hold your breath guys !
  3. Matamp GT100 reduced to £900

    Aye, Jeff Lewis, we did school, 70's disco's and other stuff through the years
  4. Matamp GT100 reduced to £900

    So some Saturdays I pop in to have a natter and a brew with an old school mate as he's usually to be found in his workshop when I do my supermarket shopping next door, he bought the company off Mathias's widow when he passed, MATAMP I have one of their rigs too, but not for bass, can't go wrong with their kit. Someone is going to be pleased with this.
  5. For no good reason

    Not asbestos, ashdown have the base covered in self-adhesive foil, could swap to asbestos though if you know something about these amps that i don't !!!!!
  6. For no good reason

    Thanks guys, i'm still missing some brass screws to finish but i can put the chassis back in and put it back into use, oh, and remind myself that it weighs over five stone. I have a pair of OBC115 cabs, one mint, one battered sat in the shed, gonna sort the shed one. why is everything so heavy ? i'll post a picture of it complete soon.
  7. So, Just because I can, thought I'd "improve " the head amp cabinet of my BTA300 ashdown, spurred into action by the aquisition of MatampGt1Mk1amp'n'cab that is wine coloured with gold faceplate and corners. Besides many hours, this stands me at ninety quid so far, and I think will be great in the lounge on its Orange cab, yes, that's next after this !
  8. Landing Synth/bass, short scale.

    Withdrawn, Mods please terminate this add, thanks.
  9. Landing Synth/bass, short scale.

    Ah, another trick question ! Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, Land of the Picturedrome ...
  10. Landing Synth/bass, short scale.

    Hi, it's a package, ([email protected],) a Landing short scale bass with integrated roland equipment, 30 inch scale, complete with the Gr 55 synth. Plug and play !
  11. New swing band first gig

    Hi, excellent stuff, my dad used to run a dance band, wish I'd managed to play with him before he retired and emigrated, keep it up !
  12. Squier vintage modified bass V1

    Hi, too much snowy stuff to sit and sort, sorry, flatwounds are La-Bella 767-6F, postage I'm guessing at twenty five quid, would have to weigh it to be more precise, Ta.
  13. Squier vintage modified bass V1

    Knew I'd leave something important out, I live Holmfirth, work Huddersfield, thanks for the interest.
  14. Hi, a year old, wearing flatwounds and it's been to a professional luthier to have the problematic bridge sorted, the trem bridge has been proffesionley set "solid", ok he wedged it, so it can be undone if need be. Although it comes with the tremelo arm you can't use it currently. Included is the tweed case, tweeked to fit 🐾
  15. Landing Synth/bass, short scale.

    I have another, active pick-ups, not parting with that !