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  1. Must admit, all my head-amps are Ashdown, I wouldn't want a bassman for its looks, I'll buy anything in 'tweed' though.
  2. Ok, i need to do some homework, i admit i didn't know of all the variations, it would be a more modern re-issue job i guess, thanks for the reply.
  3. Hi, so does anyone use one of these, or have one they wont use ?, opinions on them please.
  4. I saw them three times in Huddersfield early seventies, Snowy White was in then, had a brief natter at the bar with Mr. Lynott, i didn't play bass in those days, still not as good as him all these years on, my favourite to play is ''Still in love with you''
  5. I thought the the two extra strings were spares in case summat snapped on stage ?
  6. My favourite T-shirt for gigs used to be a red Zildjian jobby, just to confuse folk ...
  7. Pretty much sorted it by using turtle-wax car polish on earbuds, auto-gym car polish was too fierce and instantly tried to "lighten" the gold plating. Dismantled the bridge and did each part separate, scraped the fine rust off the pick-up poles with a jewellers screwdriver and polished them with solvol autool chrome polish , again using cotton buds. It's a lot better, and I got a £100 refund, why don't folk look after stuff that they have paid for ???? Thanks for replying.
  8. If it makes you feel any better, I bought a brand new guitar through Reverb from China, paid 28 pounds import duty to get my hands on it, it was So poorly built. Paid 118 pounds to send it back for a refund, all the time the seller acting nice as pie. Tracking has stopped once back in China, seller gone quiet, Reverb site not functioning for complaints, I'll try again later today. At least the Portsmouth idiot was just round the corner !
  9. I've seen these progs from time to time, but round at someone else's house, not impressed either. I haven't had a telly for nearly two years now, took my 42" plasma to landfill when it expired , not bothered since. So that's me not complaining about the poo that's on these days. I might get one when I retire, too busy now, though my Cambridge Audio blue ray player is looking somewhat redundant. ..
  10. hi folks, having just bought a (Ahem) new and unused Gibson off Ebay, its about eight years old and been stored in a damp environment for at least some of its life apparently, the hard ware is all gold in colour and lightly pitted. No, it didn't look that bad on the pics, but i did see that the pole pieces on the pickups where a little rusty, but I've dealt with that before. The last time i tied to polish out the pitting on gold coloured hardware was a disaster, anyone got a cunning plan ?, yes i will be touting for a rebate, no it wasn't mentioned in his listing description. Many thanks.
  11. Woah !!, some of my best mates are filthy deviants ....
  12. Mmm ?, Big Boy, still waiting for my F !!
  13. This cancer thing is so prolific now, horrible, just awful. sorry for the loss of your mate, my other half went away with the big C, thinking of you but pleased its got you pitching, well done fella.
  14. Yes, look at the placement of the bridge and trem arm tailpiece on the Squier versus the Musican without that hardware, makes it more of a guitar, but an octave down,
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