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  1. Hello, and welcome, i'm not that far from you, you'll enjoy this site i'm sure.
  2. Put up a pic on here for us all to see the end result please
  3. i can see the sense price-wise, i looked at selling my custom finish Silhouette to Richtone Music, they said it would only sell for 900, if that's true a std finish model might sneak in at the top of your price range.
  4. Thanks @Soledad for this thread, i'm learning from this info, i have lindy fralines in my jazz, 5% overwound, but that said, would their mids rise too, (relatively) if wired as depicted in this thread, and maybe the @KiOgon loom, i have a different aftermarket loom in at the mo. apologies for the mild hi-jack
  5. I take my Matamp head for a service, or currently (pun) a dry joint, Jeff the owner has lots of stories about the early days of Ashdown, hasn't stopped me from owning three of them compared to one M/amp though, i think my overweight Bta300 was british built, i know my Orange OBC115's are. perhaps like Chowny basses, they start with good intention in Britain but to compete, have to source abroad, shame. Is that us wanting everything for as little as poss ?
  6. MaTamP, still trucking in Yorkshire since the sixties, no idea where all the materials come from though
  7. I had one, moved it on after trying the Silhouette6, same scale, but getting flatwounds for it was expensive
  8. Hi, i use a Musicman Silhouette 6, its just a more expensive version of what your looking for, over two grand new i believe, but as a guitar an octave down, its actually guitar sized, the Squier is huge and heavy by comparison, the musicman can be re=strung for baritone, how much you wanting to pay ?, besides as little as poss !
  9. the BTA is hybrid, solid state front end so it has the ability to compensate between different basses better, but it weighs so much, (5 stone), my semi-acoustic Gretsch is awful with the 30 watter, nothing but hum, i think youll be happy with the Ctm100, it seems to do it all.
  10. ok, sounds like a plan. i have Lindy Fraline 5-percent overwounds in my jazz, but yes, deliberately mismatching the pups could be an interesting issue.
  11. i have a BTA300, a CTM100, a CTM30 tweed, the 100 stands out above the others, good job fella.
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