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  1. I know I’m daft, but can this be used in passive as well as active, and have you a pic of the case? Ta
  2. No love for this? Got castors on as well you know!
  3. Hi Now £200 Ashdown ABM 300 bass amp One of the early UK made models, sounds bloody great. All working, no dents or rips. V good condition, includes Roqsolid amp cover. Collection is best but cross that bridge if/when it arrives. Cheers Lloyd
  4. Just found this....a live version cheers
  5. Here you go, not got the Ricky anymore☹️ https://youtu.be/hQdhTRJsh2g
  6. Nice one Karl, I had one of these and was mighty impressed. That finish is just superb. Hope you doing ok bud, at least people can understand you now when you talk 🤓🤓🤓 Top bloke is Karl, nobody will have any problems here. Cheers mate Lloyd
  7. Mate, you need to try and keep these, it’s a pisser about the car and I get it, but once they’re gone, you will have big mahoosive regrets. Been there and feel your pain. Lloyd
  8. Hi. This is a 2008 , 2eq stingray in lovely condition. A few little dings up on the headstock, nothing major, all original parts apart from scratch plate, which is brand new. Natural gloss with maple neck, in original Musicman case. The previous owner had the neck cleaned, frets polished, intonation set up. I’ve hardly used it since I got it earlier this year from another bc’er. Plays beautiful, had the pick-ups tweaked so all 4 strings are equal in volume. Really is a nice , original bass and I do really like it, but can’t get rid of gas for another precision! I think it’s priced fairly for its condition, or would trade for a USA precision in similar condition, with a hard case, or maybe a 50’s roadworn. Would prefer not to courier it, but we can cross that bridge when/if we get there, based in Warrington but travel a bit with my job. Thanks Lloyd.
  9. I’m a precision man, but always loved these Geddy Lee basses, getting a bit gassy now..........
  10. Hi Would you be willing to post? thanks Lloyd
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