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  1. I have one of these and it plays, looks and feels brilliant. Very good price, especially with the case, £100+ worth there alone, good luck with the sale mate. Lloyd
  2. Ordered it on 31/12/18! Paid £16.64 to be exact. Actually , I forgot about it until I had an email to say it had been despatched , and lo and behold it turned up yesterday in all its hardback glory, and can I say, it’s worth the wait, the quality of the pics, paper and interviews are superb.
  3. Mine arrived yesterday and I paid £16, including delivery from amazon.
  4. Bought a sansamp from creeper, super dooper guy, brilliant packaging. Lloyd
  5. Must admit, I don’t need it, and can’t really afford it, but I want it and am sorely tempted.
  6. lloyd

    Feedback for Lozz

    Lozz went out of his way to help me get his bass cabinet. A top bloke and a pleasure to deal with, thanks again mate, Lloyd
  7. Hi REDUCED to £450 Excellent condition combo and ext cab, making total output of 500w Very light, both cabs are a one man lift. Great tone options from this little GK amp and very powerful with ext cab. Both have roqsolid covers, nearly £100 worth there. Looking for straight sale please, open to sensible offers. Wouldnt like to courier these so meet up would be better for me. Cheers Lloyd
  8. Hi guys, Selection of pedals for your perusal, looking for a Rootmaster evo head if any fancies a partial trade. Mark Bass Octaver £50 SOLD Boss ODB-3 £50 Boss GEB-7 £50 Mooer Bass sweeper £35 Aphex Punch factory £50 Tech21 Sansamp Character VT Bass £100 SOLD All are in excellent condition, I will include p+p at above prices, cheers Lloyd
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