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  1. We're moving to hiring an external PA company for gigs now so I'm selling some equipment. These two mics have been used on their own, and also together which makes for a phenomenal thwack! Both in great condition, with very minor marks. Audix has the mic clip it came with, and both have original protective cases and boxes. Inidivdual prices are: SOLD PENDING THE USUAL Audix D6: £145 plus postage STILL AVAILABLE Sennheiser e901: £175 plus postage Any questions let me know, and I'll add some pictures shortly. Trades wise, I'm not after much at the moment but by all means make a trade offer if you have one. Thanks, Rick
  2. Definitely agree with the price point piece. The ue 6s are probably as much as I can go to but at least there's still a couple of options then. In terms of headroom, I did wonder if I have my setup right... I run the aux out at around - 6db, and each of the channels is at unity or less, but then on the Sennheiser pack I'm running the output at about 25%, and that is still quite loud. The sound in that setup has been excellent, but when I see all the posts about additional headroom (noting your point around distortion) I wondered if I'm running everything correctly?
  3. I'll see you there on the Sunday, ticket bought! I've just sold my 535s to make the move to custom based on your tips so thanks! Spoke with a chap at CIEM who suggested he thinks I might prefer the ue 5s over the 6s, but will try on the day, alongside any other you guys think might be suited. Really looking forward to it.
  4. Sold some Shure 535s to Cam, a thoroughly nice chap and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Deal with in absolute confidence. Thanks, Rick
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  6. Hi all, For sale are a pair of used but excellent condition Shure 535 headphones. These have served me exceptionally well for 2 years and around 50 gigs, and were it not for moving to custom IEMs I would have happily used these for a long time to come; the sound is terrific and they are perfectly comfortable. Comes with the headphone tips, some of which are used but clean, but also several sets of unused brand new tips that I bought in addition to the originals. The wire is in perfect condition too, and all comes with a protective case and the original boxing (which itself is slightly tatty). Postage is included in the price and you are of course welcome to try before you buy in person if you'd prefer. I'll post pictures in the next few days. Any questions let me know. Many thanks, Rick
  7. Spoke with a chap at Custom IEMs yesterday, and going to meet them at the Northern Drum Show for a proper discussion, but after I said I'd be interested to try the UE6s, he suggested I may well prefer the UE6s (knowing I was a bass player), which are a bit cheaper so I liked his honesty! Excited to try the different options and will definitely keep the LUGS in mind, Robert seems a top chap! Thanks for the pointers!
  8. Many thanks - I've dropped Robert a line to see which of his range he suggests - I'm with work in Derry quite a bit so might be able to get there in person! The drum show is a great shout too, thanks.
  9. Has anyone any experience of the Minerva Mi range? They look well priced against similar setups for UE etc., but I can't find much info online by way of a review... Thanks, Rick
  10. Hi all, My latest ridiculous scheme is to introduce some synth tones (strings, pads, maybe brass etc) to our cover band, controlled via a footpedal, for example the Keith Mcmillen softstep. Synth wise, I've looked initially at things like the Korg Microkorg and the Roland JD-XI, but am I over simplifying things, or indeed overcomplicating things? I'd like to spend no more than £500 if possible so would welcome ideas, and I have an ipad lurking if that could be utilised. Thanks in advance. Rick
  11. Thanks fretmeister, is there a link anywhere here on the best way to do this? Or a YouTube jobbie?
  12. Just received my hx stomp, and contemplating putting the kids an hour early to have some play time on it ;o) Any tips for the first hour with the unit? Most keen to try out the amp sims and synths...
  13. Sorry if this has been asked already, but any suggestions for someone who can refinish a black Ray 34 in a black sparkle? Thanks, Rick
  14. Hi there, any trade options at all? Thanks, Rick
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