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  1. Free to a good home (or rehearsal space!) - probably worth a few quid still but thought I'd give something back to the BC community... Works fine, the tweeter is a little noisy but fine when playing, and silent when off. Carpet covering in decent enough nick. Collection only please from Cullingworth, c20mins from Bradford. Cheers, Rick
  2. I've got the UE6s on EBS Freaks recommendation, and can't speak highly enough of them. Whilst they have buckets of headroom, they've been awesome during lockdown for general music listening too (gigs are where it's at though!). I had the Shure 535s before and the UE6s were a massive step up, worth the investment. Good luck whichever route you go!
  3. Sterling by Musicman Ray 34 in black with a white pearl scratch plate. Fantastic bass with a very powerful and flexible active 3 band eq. Recently professionally setup and restrung with Rotosound swing bass strings, with new 9v battery installed. Additionally included items: Gator hardcase that has been used about half a dozen times, hipshot D tuner BT7 installed with original tuner included, Dunlop strap locks, and black pearl scratch plate pictured. Guitar stand not included. Condition is used, but very good; some light marks here and there as you'd expect, but no major dings. Selling as I have a custom bass being built and it's one in one out (actually 2 out on this occasion!), and as such no trades thank you. Collection (with optional socially distanced brew!) / meet up is much preferred, but I can arrange a courier at cost as the hard case is included. Let me know if you'd like any further photos or have any questions. Many thanks, Rick
  4. Starting at http://www.custom-inearmonitors.co.uk/ would be my suggestion - they do a range of brands and won't instantly recommend you the most expensive ones. I got some ultimate ears UE6s which are brilliant, @EBS_freak is your man for more detailed advice though. Custom Iem's are well worth the investment though, good luck!
  5. I've got a 5 string V7 for sale in the bass section if it's of interest! Great bass, I just can't handle a 5 string so back on a 4!
  6. I have a 5 string V7 for sale in the bass ads here for £300, if you wanted to try out for not much brass! It's not Burgundy though I'm afraid! Brilliant bass, I just can't handle the 5th string so I'm back on a 4!
  7. I had to come up with a very short notice solution when the venue we turned up to play didn't have enough aux channels. I used an Alto zmx52 mixer that we keep for emergencies, took a signal from my bass into one channel, and ran a spare overhead mic into another channel. The overhead was placed on the other side of the stage between drummer and guitarist and pointing to the singers, and worked surprisingly well. I ran my Iem's on a 2 quid headphone extension cable from the Alto mixer as I'd already lent the drummer my behringer P2 for the night. I also dabbled with a stereo mix that night as a result, and now I'm itching to delve further into that, but with "proper" aux channels! The mixer was about 50 quid, and the condenser is a Thomann own brand I believe, in the region of 25 quid. That plus an xlr and you've a very compact and I think affordable option where the ideal aux setup isn't available, as I'd happily use it again. The one caveat I'd add is that I don't sing in this band, so the vocals were lower in the mix naturally as they weren't directly input to my mixer, but I would have them that way anyway. Hope this helps. Rick
  8. Hi - I've had a few PM's asking about the weight, and my response has been that I don't have any scales, unfortunately! A trawl through various sites suggests they are around 9.5lbs on average, so not the lightest but it certainly wasn't an issue for me; I used it with a neotech strap (the bungee type!) and it always felt fine, personally. Thanks, Rick
  9. Loved my clear 535s, reckon yours look better in black! Fantastic universal fit Iem's. "itsmedunc" is a top chap to deal with too, have a free bump. Rick
  10. Very interested, if my bass for sale here sells then I'll be in touch!!
  11. I believe the charming Mr Fuzztube is relatively new here, so starting a feedback thread for him, pleasingly on an entirely positive note. James bought a Sansamp Flyrig from me last week - excellent comms throughout and a pleasure to deal with, deal in confidence. Welcome to Basschat James!
  12. Hi - it's 8 ohm, 250watts. Thanks, Rick
  13. Tha ks Jakester, top piece of gear indeed! We use a soundcraft ui16 mixer, which is in a mixer rack, the top section of which has some rack panels which this was velcroed onto, so was always hooked up to the PA to save about 4 seconds of setup time per gig ha!
  14. Thanks for the tip, it was more the massive HX power supply I was trying to get away from though!
  15. Ah fantastic, and does that seem to work well enough, ie no grounding issues etc? Absolute money saver if so, just the power to sort for the rest... Thanks everyone!
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