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  1. Joe is relatively new here but I can vouch both for him as a total gent, but also how great this rig sounds. Deal in confidence, friends!
  2. Joe is relatively new here but I can vouch both for him as a total gent, but also how great this rig sounds. Deal in confidence, friends!
  3. I've had the 215s, 535s, and UE6's. In my opinion, the 215s were trash for anything beyond easy listening to Spotify and blocking out kids / dog noises. The 535s were my first step into Iem's and I really liked them, and they are excellent for listening to music if you get the seal just right. The UE6s though are miles above either of these, especially for live use. The bass is simply phenomenal, and it's probably subconscious, but they do give the illusion of "feeling" the kick and bass. Definitely worth stretching to / saving for those if that's a realistic option. Good luck!
  4. Sold 2 x RCF tops to Mark - met at a venue pre gig and another smooth transaction - top chap to deal with and great to meet in person! Credit to Basschat!
  5. So I'm looking to get a 4 string p bass, and was about to pull the trigger on a Harley Benton one from Thomann, to see if they're my thing (going flats and foam for a soul project...), when it occurred to me that somebody with such a P bass may be looking to do the same thing with a jazz! If that's the case, hit me up, would rather not sell without replacement as this is my backup bass. Happy to add a bit of cash to a higher priced P though. Photos to follow tonight, but looks just like these with a little wear: https://m.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_jb_75mn_black_vintage_series.htm?o=5&search=1632835899 Thanks, Rick
  6. Excellent upgrades! Presume given the GAS / marital balance reasons for sale mean you're not looking at trades?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Congrats on the sale and thanks for letting me know! Paul if it turns out not to be for you, let me know if you want to move it on 😊
  9. Hi Dan, if by some chance this hasn't sold by next Friday I'll take it off your hands, though it looks like Paul may have done so already! Thanks, Rick
  10. Saw this rig on ebay recently (if its the same one), looks excellent, enjoy!
  11. Hi all, Anyone any experience of these pedals, or indeed know where they can be bought? The principle looks and sounds excellent, but reviews and demos are hard to find... Thanks, Rick
  12. Bought a Shure iem system from John, and whilst it's not due until Saturday, comms etc. has been spot on and a top chap to deal with, and I have no doubt the unit will perform exactly as described! Top Basschatter!
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