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  1. Golats

    SX or XS?

    Thoroughly enjoyed myself taking it all to bits and putting it back together...I enjoy that bit more than the money I get for them!!
  2. Golats

    SX or XS?

    That's what I thought - the head shape is exactly the same, but why the different logo? I even contacted SX about it......but they ignored me 🙂 Thanks for the link @adamg67I'll keep an eye on that. I sold mine for only £64 on an eBay auction but still quite happy as I only paid £15 for it.
  3. Golats

    We Don't Play There Anymore

    I once tried to go into the bar with my girlfriend, during the interval, to avoid the bingo. She was physically carried out by two blokes and I was told there was "no women allowed in the bar; only in the lounge and concert room." That was about 20 years ago but I wouldn't be surprised if some of them still have that rule.
  4. Golats

    Only Buzz - No Sound

    I'm not sure what you mean by an ampjack either. Is it another amplifier or did you replace the jack socket on the Rumble?
  5. Golats

    Lights......but no sound

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I really appreciate it and I'm working through them all slowly (it's too hot for messing around with amps indoors today) The latest finding is that if I plug an mp3 into the AUX input....it works! That means it isn't the speaker. Next thing to check is the suggestion from @Acebassmusic about the output settings. I wish I knew what I was doing.
  6. Golats

    Lights......but no sound

    There isn't one. It's a modelling amp so all the effects are built in.
  7. Golats

    Lights......but no sound

    There is a hum when everything is turned up full @Bigwan Not very loud but definitely there.
  8. Golats

    Lights......but no sound

    Cheers, Grangur, I've got plenty of that so will give it a shot later on.
  9. Hello folks, hope everybody's recovered from the world cup disappointment. At least England's defeat has stopped the nocturnal painting of St George's Crosses on roundabouts, bus stops, animals and public conveniences up here. Anyway, to business! I've just been given a Vox VT20+ "Valvetronix" combo which isn't working properly. It turns on but if you plug a guitar in and turn the volume up there is no sound at all. A few things to note If you turn on the built-in tuner and play a string then the tuner works, so a signal is getting into it from the jack socket Connections to the speaker seem to be sound There's no sound via the headphone socket either It's a valve/solid state/digital hybrid type of thing. Anybody have any ideas about what the problem is? I remember in the olden days I used to have to replace output fuses on amps quite frequently. If one of these had blown then the amp turned on but no sound came out. Do amps still have these?
  10. Great idea @kodiakblair. How do you manage to get in on so smoothly? I thought air bubbles would be a problem?
  11. That looks great @bartelbyIs it satin finish?
  12. That looks great @BrunoBass I'm trying to do the opposite - I have a white scratchplate and want to paint it black. The prices are daft!
  13. Has anybody ever spray-painted the scratchplate on their guitar. If so did it look good? Or horrendous? I'm thinking of customising one of mine so the plan is to abrade the hell out of it (for adhesion) and then apply a spray paint, normally used for Warhammer figures. Tips and recipes for success/disaster welcome.
  14. Golats

    Feedback for Golats

    Thanks very much @von Braun old chap! No problem with the PayPal thing - it always baffles me as well.
  15. Golats

    1980s Yamaha Compressor CO 10 MII

    Pedal now sold