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  1. Exactly. I'd use (and have used) my regular gear for personal monitoring in large venues and the foldback/IEMs can take care of it for everyone else.
  2. Just don't use the same glue that BF do
  3. Sounds like a dodgy solder joint. When you switch off and on or bang on the top, the vibration remakes the connection temporarily. Only sure way to fix it is for a repair person to check every joint. Fiddly, time-consuming and likely expensive as a result.
  4. This. If you ever need to replace a pot, you're stymied if you can't get your knob off (oooer).
  5. A C8 is less efficient than a CAB47, so the perceived volume from each will not be the same. Also, I'm pretty sure the C8 is 4 ohms. It's effectively two C4s, which are 8 ohms each, in one box.
  6. To each his own. I'd do the job myself rather than wait for a couple of weeks for s replacement. I'm confident I can drill a hole without causing wholesale destruction.
  7. I don't know nuffink about art but I know wot I like 😁
  8. You're a better man than me. I wouldn't necessarily expect a singer to carry the gear (I actually prefer to schlep/set up my PA myself as some others are none too careful with things. It's light, so no biggie). However, if they demanded a mic', they would be told that we provide our own instruments and they can provide their own mic'.
  9. A band is no different from any other cooperative enterprise - workplace, sports team, etc, etc. It is likely to include an equivalent mix of personality types, from good eggs to awkward [email protected] and all shades in between. To quote Sartre, "Hell is other people".
  10. Those MB 2x10s are surprising. A pal has the combo version and it sounds fat and punchy and fills a room very effectively.
  11. Specialist shops are good because they will usually get a better price than you would get by selling privately, which helps offset the commission you pay. Plus, they deal with all the tyre kickers for you.
  12. My subscription copy arrives in a plain brown envelope.
  13. So some on here actually have wives/partners, then?
  14. I doubt whether any here can give an opinion without seeing the instrument. I would take it to a repairer asap. The issue could worsen if the join continues to separate, so I wouldn't delay (and it would probably be best to slacken the strings).
  15. You mentioned that you liked your BF 2x10. Why not try a Super Compact? There's a comparison video on the BF website between all their bass cabs. I actually liked the SC best for tone.
  16. To complete the title of the thread: ... are not big and not clever.
  17. 1. Given that nobody will see the back of the instrument (apart from briefly when you pick it up/put it down), does it matter? 2. You will need to key the surface to ensure the paint adheres properly and evenly. use very fine glass or emery paper (and mask off p/us, etc (unless you are going to completely remove them) because the dust will get everywhere. If you use fine steel wool, take the p/us and fittings off, otherwise they will be coated in a fine fur of metal fragments (especially the p/us - the magnets will attract and cause it to cling) that you will never be able to completely remove. It would be very rare for there to be no finish at all on the body. Probably a satin finish lacquer or varnish if it appears there isn't any. If it is an oiled finish, you will likely find it will react with paint and look terrible or even not dry properly, meaning it will migrate to you when you play it. As oil sinks into the wood, you can never get it all off/out of the grain, so that would rule out painting it, really.
  18. Exactly. I'm not giving eBay direct access to my bank account. I mainly buy on there and only have occasional bursts of selling. However, with the way they're behaving, I'm going to stop using it for anything at all. If they send the "Hey, we've decided we'll let you carry on as before...." email, I'll keep using it, but if not, I'll forget it.
  19. Yep. 154 sq. in vs 78.5. Quite a bit more than a 12 and not far short of a 15.
  20. Blimey. One would think this is a Strad' from some of the suggestions. Use a bradawl to start/mark the hole, then a sharp drill bit with the drill set on low speed if using an electric rather than a hand drill and there should be no problem with cracking the finish. Polyester lacquer is tough and quite flexible and not anything like as prone to cracking as nitro'.
  21. Hi Phil. I agree, which is why I suggested OP keep the 4x7 and sell the 2x7 if he has to get rid of something. I agree about the 5" drivers being better for tone than volume. The way around that is to use them in multiples, which is what I do. I also find that a couple of 4x5s plus a decent 12 (I use a tweeterless Berg - other makes are available, of course) to add some weight to the sound makes for a powerful compact rig. It's full range enough not to need a tweeter, which suits me as I don't like them for bass because they emphasise fret rattle and other nasties. Takes a bit of driving, but watts are cheap these days. I'm using them in a function band that plays mainly classic soul, rhythm and blues and similar. I may well use something different in an out and out rock setting, but as I'm ancient, that isn't likely to happen. I've tried a PJB 4x7 cab next to a 4x5 and it was definitely fuller and louder with the same head and settings, although I can't find comparative sensitivity/efficiency figures. You'd expect that, though, given the surface area of the drivers. My central point was that OP would be best advised not to sell now, whilst prices for used gear are depressed and then re-buy when the world is back to normal, people have money to spend again and prices rise.
  22. Tempting, but I'll pass, thanks 😊
  23. True, but a PJB Cab 47 will be easily the equivalent of most good quality 12s (their 7" drivers are more efficient and bigger sounding than their 5s). By the time OP has sold his cabs and bought replacements, he will be no better off.
  24. Terms such as "studio monitoring", "Studio Pro", etc are bandied about freely and mean little, as do good reviews from the cloth-eared on Amazon and YouTube, I'm afraid. They appear to be generic Chinese DJ cans with bling looks intended to impress. I'd stick to brands such as Beyer and Sennheiser. They have hard earned reputations to protect and aren't likely to risk losing them by selling tat. Superlux is a reputable company. They manufacture mic's for EV, among others.
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