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  1. Sent a pm. If possible text me a pic of the rear of the amp? Thanks
  2. Hi, is this still available? If so will take it.....
  3. I have one as my main gigging bass now. Light, superb tonal range, and gorgeous. Good luck with the sale
  4. Thanks mate. Sold to Max in France, and currently on Parcelforce on tne way there! appreciate the interest. cheers
  5. Thanks, appreciate the comment Yes they are awesome and very good value. Hope it finds a home soon.....
  6. Bought this from a chap on Basschat but just not getting any use. its a great looking bass, and super light! Nice maple neck and lovely tone. nice bargain way of getting into Fretless playing. cheers.
  7. Here is my Mexican Jazz, which is a particularly good example and tried loads of others before settling on this. Plays better than my USA Jazz, and only moving it as i am playing active basses these days. it has the maple neck, weights around 9lbs, and has punchy and powerful pickups. upgraded with a Hipshot DTuner, a pro set up , schaller straplocks and Fender 40-100 strings. i will send it within the uk for £20.00, or courier collection at your cost. Will be sent in a used but serviceable hardcase. if you want to collect you can also choose a Fender gig bag if you prefer. I am based near the Kent/Sussex border. cheers, Mike
  8. Love these. Someone is betting a bargain.
  9. Such great basses. Mine has become my main gigging bass now, lovely bass and glwts.
  10. Having just upgraded to the LM800 Tube, my fab little Mark 500 hs to go. it has a few marks on the edges, due to the zip on the carry case, but is in excellent condition otherwise. it has been an outstanding amp and loads of great reviews out there about it. priced to sell, and includes postage within UK.
  11. Hi all, thinning the herd a bit, and so this beautiful bass is going for a bargain price. it has a few battle scars on the neck , but nothing i have ever worried about, and it does not effect playing!but have included this in the price. it has had a pro set up and new-ish flats on board (£50!) it includes a fender hard case, which is worn but very serviceable. great active electronics, and brilliant tone. cash only please, and no offers as the price is already low. Price does not include shipping, but i can price this for you once i know where its going, or you can arrange collection ( often cheaper) Thanks, Mike ( my as new Sansamp Tech21 driver deluxe is still available also.......)
  12. In great condition, but cant find the box ( hence lower price) . These are £250 new and awesome, especially if you play passive and new to improve your tone.....or create preset tones for different songs.
  13. Dont sell it........ you will get sellers remorse!
  14. I would love this.........just for interest why are you selling?
  15. A warmer, fatter tone, but able to hit highs with good clarity. Quite metallic and harsh with current pick ups,
  16. Hi all I recently bought a Fender Professional Jazz bass. I love the guitar, feel, build quality, new tuner design. Basically alot to love about it. Apart from the pick ups! So any advice on your replacement pick up ideas would be very welcome! Thank you , Mike
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