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  1. I heard that he has enough material recorded for another 50 - 100 albums. Could be some gems in there that will be one day released.
  2. Now confirmed on the BBC. A real shock.
  3. I read that. Most fascinating; I always knew he had a fabulous voice, but never knew why. Still don't, really!
  4. I was just thinking that I hadn't read any 'squabbly' threads and was wondering if we were all living in peace and harmony. Apparently I wasn't reading the right threads!
  5. A Satellite short-scale. Ghastly in every way. I upgraded to an Encore which played like a master luthier's best work in comparison.
  6. LEDs on basses are sexy in the extreme. There should be a law making them compulsory!
  7. I spent my formative years in Abedeen which, at the time had two musical instrument shops. The range of second hand equipment was dismal at best. Because the town was such a long way from anywhere, a variety of good music was not easy to come by and I can only imagine how much richer my musical development would have been if the internet had existed thirty years earlier.
  8. Ah, Spirograph. The Christmas present that promised so much and delivered so little!
  9. I would like him more if he wasn't sticking his finger up at me in those Dingwall ads.
  10. Many many moons ago I saw Reeves Gabrels wear a pair of them on stage when playing with Tin Machine. They were cool then and are cool now.
  11. No idea whatsoever, but I imagine a straw hat and denim overalls are de rigueur.
  12. Whereas everyone knows this is the best version of the famously hard to sing Star Spangled Banner. From The Naked Gun 2.5 [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxHnXajIex4"]https://www.youtube....h?v=sxHnXajIex4[/url]
  13. [quote name='ahpook' timestamp='1460734102' post='3028327'] Almost universally, I agree.... Almost....the first 1.24 of this are the exception. But I'm not sure for what reason [/quote] Funnily enough, I was thinking that I liked the Queen version of God Save the Queen on A Night At The Opera, but I was too lazy to mention it.
  14. Terrible, terrible, terrible. As a rule, I think national anthems shouldn't be 'creatively interpreted' and yes, he should have taken his cap off; that is just common courtesy.
  15. I've heard it said that on his first The Streets album, you can hear faintly Mike Skinner's mum telling him his dinner is ready. Apparently most of it was recorded in his bedroom.
  16. I know you don't want 4x10 cabs, but consider getting two 2x12s or similar with decent power ratings. I run two 4x10s (very light ones) and get lovely low tones from my bottom B string.
  17. Ted: Would you look at that. Its as smooth as a baby's bottom. Dougal: You'd know all about that Ted.
  18. I like my amp and speakers to match. I will always buy speakers by the same manufacturer as the amp unless they were truly awful, in which case I'd probably not buy the amp in the first place. Sometimes I wish that there was a pedal manufacturer who made the effect pedals I want in matching shapes and colours. Yep, I'm that fussy about appearances.
  19. Is anyone else here really glad that YouTube didn't exist when you were young?
  20. Re reliability, I suppose that reliable musos move less than deluded wannabes so with all such sites, the crazies are in the majority unless there is a moderately hefty fee.
  21. Fab price for the Yamaha. I played one for about 10 years.
  22. [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1460377410' post='3025089'] Is this guy kidding or what? [/quote] Be kind. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of the process.
  23. [quote name='Zenitram' timestamp='1460377007' post='3025081'] Why not, if they've paid for it? Maybe I misunderstood. [/quote] They would probably tell PayPal the agent couldn't collect it and get the money refunded leaving Mono moneyed and baseless. I can't see many people who have just had throat cancer treatment buying a bass.
  24. Wouldn't it be cool if you could fit a red light and a siren to your PC that would activate whenever scam mail came in? I rarely trust anyone who can't be bothered to capitise their letter 'I'.
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