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  1. Note that I've also listed this on eBay, so if you're interested, please contact soonest
  2. I'm selling my double bass having upgraded. The bass is better suited to jazz, folk pizzicato play than orchestral, though I did use it up to grade 5 and in a local amateur orchestra. The bass has been fitted with a pickup mounted under the feet of the bridge - I do not know the make. The bass is of Czech origin, around 1990. I purchased it from Peter Tyler Double Basses, and it was set up by Peter. He also fitted the pickup. I am in Wokingham and selling for around £700. This is for collection only. The bass comes with a soft case. Note that there is slight scratching and signs of wear, as expected for an instrument of this age.
  3. I'm looking to sell my Stagg EUB, as I have moved on to an acoustic DB. The instrument is in full working order, though has some small signs of wear. It comes with gigbag and stand. I'm selling for £400, including the gigbag and stand. This is collection only. From G4M website: "This Electric Double Bass boasts solid Maple construction for a full, natural and rich tone. The Stagg Double Bass features state of the art electronics specially designed for double bass. The sound can be controlled using the Double Bass's volume and bass control knobs. Inputs and outputs on the Double Bass include a 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo mini jack input, so you can connect an MP3 or CD player and practice along to your favourite tunes, a 1/8" stereo (3.5mm) mini jack output for headphones, so you can play without disturbing the neighbours, and a 1/4" (6.3mm) output jack for connection to an amp. The sleek gloss finish is complemented by the diecast nickel, P-Bass style machine heads and black knobs. The Stagg full size Double Bass also comes with a custom gigbag so you can safely transport your instrument to lessons, practice or shows." Note slight damage to finish Note that the 'shoulder' attachment doesn't screw in properly.
  4. [quote name='julietgreen' timestamp='1503070673' post='3355523'] Still - I wondered how others actually learned. [/quote] I went to a weekly jam, starting out knowing nothing. I learned a few lines from transcriptions which helped with translating concepts to actual playing. Stopped going to the jam session and did more focused playing with a quartet all at the same sort of level as me. Kept reading & playing, but I'm still mostly playing on instinct, I have read lots of material about how to walk, but I'm not consciously thinking about any of it when I'm playing. About nine months ago I incorporated more melody playing into my practice, which has helped with hearing how the bass fits in the tune I'm now in three different bands playing once or twice a month, practicing with one or other of the bands weekly. That whole journey has taken about two and a half years
  5. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1490720192' post='3267379'] I consider it work, a 4 hour shift. I don't have a regular 9-5, by choice. It's a fun 4 hour shift, but I still consider it going to work. Blue [/quote] When you do it, it's work. When I do it, it's art.
  6. I've found that the best thing to do is sleep with the drummer. I've done this in every band I'm in and it's worked out well so far
  7. Went on Saturday for the first time - caught the masterclasses from Andrew Gouche & Ida Neilsen, both of whom were excellent. Saw the Shez Raja Collective performance, also wonderful. Caught a little of the Dmitry Lisenko performance, which was lovely, though not really my cup of tea. Left when his wife started singing Liked some of the basses that were there to try out, particularly from the niche exhibitors. It was noisy, but less so than expected. I went with my partner who is a regular at the Drum show, so was interesting to chat about differences/similarities
  8. So, when stepping in as a dep, do you expect to get paid more, less, or the same as the regular bassist?
  9. I'm a relative beginner (six months or so) and have used Carlsson, Nyman and Hidersine. Made no difference to me, particularly compared with just improving technique
  10. Recording from the gig - have a listen and let me know what you think of the interpretation... [url="https://soundcloud.com/alljazz-quartet/cry-me-a-river-live"]https://soundcloud.c...me-a-river-live[/url]
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm listening to the Julie London version and transcribing. The lead sheet has some ideas in the left hand that are worth looking at... Gig is this evening - let's see how it goes...
  12. Oops - should specify that this is the jazz standard, not the Justin Timberlake song...
  13. I'm struggling with Cry Me A River - any hints of thoughts on how to make this sound good - especially the start of the form?
  14. Playing every day, or practising? Nice blog post on the difference... http://www.theplanetdrum.co.uk/blog/-why-deliberate-practice-is-important-to-get-better
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