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  1. Although it's a lot of money, it's not too dear for what it is. I don't think that will be listed for long........
  2. V nice bass -I have just checked your photos against my early jv Jazz jv08xxx, which has the large Fender logo. The tuners are definitely different, perhaps the originals were rusty. Enjoy it, as I have with mine since the early 80s.
  3. I have always hankered after a Bravewood, now have one on order. My previous list is relatively short, over the last 30 odd years; early '70s Fender Musicmaster bass ex Joe Brown 1st series JV Fender logo Squier Jazz 2nd series JV ( Squier Logo) Jazz '62 Jazz Oly white bought from Randy Hope-Taylor '65 Jazz Candy Apple Red early '80s fretless Tokai Jazz Sound '79 fretless Stingray bought from Pino Palladino via the Gallery Godin fretless A5 Washburn AB10 Sold the Musicmaster to buy the 1st Jv, regretted it , so have kept everything since.
  4. Under no circumstances take your wife to the bass gallery. It is a recipe for marital disharmony and they will not accept her in part exchange. It's the best bass shop. Martin and Alex get their hands on stock that other people just don't have and are a pleasure to deal with.
  5. I will have to work out how to post a photo, PM me I will email you one The early one I bought in 1982/3, because it had the large Fender logo and I read it was being discontinued. I PXed it for a Early Fender Musicmaster bass. The second series one I bought as a back-up. I tried every jv Jazz bass in Denmark St, which was about a dozen. It was so much livelier sounding than the others -including my series 1- I had to have it despite the colour being my least favourite (white). On the subject of buying basses as an investment, I paid handsomely for a '65 Jazz in candy apple red about 2 years ago. I would certainly get less than I paid were I to sell it. It doesn't concern me in the least - I have no intention of ever selling. It is a poor idea in my opinion to invest any money you can't afford to lose, If you buy a bass because it is great to play, as a consumer, so long as it is what the seller claims, you can't really go wrong.
  6. [quote name='LukeFRC' timestamp='1348439020' post='1813742'] oooh you have photos of those JV's? tell us more! No one wanted mine when I had it up for tentative sale for a few days! [/quote]
  7. I bought a 62 Jazz in Oly white from Randy Hope-Taylor about12 years ago (I think I paid £3500). It was the first American Fender I had played which offered any improvement over my 1st and 2nd series JVs which I bought new ( and still have). There are so many basses being made currently that are good enough to be "collectable" that the best areas of collectability/investment value are very difficult to predict. Collecting vintage Fenders is a logical step as there are fewer viable and worthwhile alternatives from that period. It still doesn't follow that there is necessarily any money to be made by owning one for any period of time, particularly at the still-optimistic prices that many ealers quote Still, if you can't make your money back, it's no hardship to hold on to it a while longer......
  8. I have a slightly scruffy 80's Tokai Jazz sound, which has a really fat, rich tone, and the longest sustain of any Jazz bass I have tried. Cost me £250. Well worth searching one out. If you look at the Tokai registry website, you will find just enough information to make sure you are geting an 80's example. I have a few Jazz basses, my Tokai is often the first one I pick up.
  9. Thanks to Mark for posting the photo and his kind comments.
  10. I will do my best to post one, when I figure out how - where is your 12 year old son when you need him....
  11. I visited the gallerylast week, had been thinking about getting an early fretless stingray for a while. It was impossible to resist.....
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