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  1. My bass collection includes an upgraded Musicman Stingray 5 string. Awesome bass, that simply does not get used enough (damn my Mike Lull and Spector basses ...). This bass is from the early '00s or late '90s and originally was Sea Green. The previous (and first) owner was unhappy about the finish and decided to (done professionally by a local Luthier) replace the thick original lacquer with a very thin clear cellulose based coat, to bring out the natural sound of the wood more clearly.... imho it worked. When I bought the bass I upgraded the preamp with a Stingray John East 3 band EQ (MMSR) and a Nordstrand MM pickup. I also replaced the pick guard (black) with a new one without the selector switch slot (I never got the 3 way switch on a single humbucker Stingray). Basically the bass is a 5 string Stingray that sounds like a pre-Ernie Ball 1978 Stingray. That was my intention and I succeeded ........ in essence I made my own Stingray Classic. I still have the orginal preamp and pickup of course. Specs: 34" scale Rosewood fretboard Natural Finish (Cellulose) Black Pickguard No selector switch Nordstrand MM5.2 John East MMSR3 The bass has been used extensively by myself and the 1st owner and it shows. There are a few minor dings and scratches, also a few that are a bit larger. Most important to mention is a ding on the bottom of the neck (G string), where the bass fell onto a speaker stand resulting in a nice half moon shaped dent. None affect the playability or quality of this instrument and the wear and tear is not more than usual for an instrument that has been played extensively for 10 years. Since I am not using this much I think it is time to go, so this "budget" Musicman Stingray Classic 5 could be yours. I would prefer to (part) trade against a 5 string JB model ( or a small (MB Fusion, GB etc) D Class Amp and/or some quality cabs (GB Uber, Bergantino etc) but would also consider a straight sale. Price wise, I think around the £800 excl shipping would be fair seeing as there is a £300,- upgrade in there. I live in the Netherlands but am in UK quite often and can hand-deliver to the greater London area for £70,-. I will consider selling the bass with original EQ, Pickup and scratch plate (ca sell them separately) for £650,- excl shipping. Non-original case included. Pics can be found here: [url="http://s87.photobucket.com/albums/k147/welcometombh/MM5%20East-Nordstrand/"]http://s87.photobuck...ast-Nordstrand/[/url] Sound clip of me fooling around with EQ: [url="https://www.yousendit.com/sharedFolder?phi_action=app/orchestrateSharedFolder&id=3n6e7zzxbY3FWxsQck9kfxVkEOoIYMfH_mguasWyP9k"]https://www.yousendi...YMfH_mguasWyP9k[/url] - sloppy playing I know, but hey..... recorded by putting my Tascam DR-1 in front of my GK Neo 212/GB Streamliner 900 at room volume.
  2. James/Higgie bought my Pedaltrain Nano. Really a pleasure to deal with, quick payment and good comms. The real deal.
  3. Mate, I have the GB Streamliner 900 with a Neo 212 + a Neo 112. Awesome tone and I can get the full 900 (600 in your case) out of the Streamliner. I tried the Uber as well....... more expensive, less impressive. My advice = buy an 8 Ohm Neo 112 (250 gbp new).... then you have a 112 for really small gigs, a 212 for slightly bigger and 112+212 as and when it just isn't enough otherwise...... the GK Neo's imho are the best you can get for the money. I sold my vanderKleys that cost twice as much when I got my GKs.
  4. Wow........ glad my bonus is already allocated.
  5. DPhaser sold to Samuel, Swollen Pickle sold pending locally
  6. It the Classic [IMG]http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k147/welcometombh/DSC_0032.jpg[/IMG]
  7. Will PM pic as soon as possible (later tonight), as all SFX stuff it looks the dogs b*llocks.
  8. I bought this a present to myself 2 years ago, but I have not really used it (prefer hard cases). It cost me €275,-. Will part with it for around half of that price, let's say €135 excl shipping or the GBP equivalent.
  9. For sale (all prices excluding shipping and ONO applicable on all): [b]Akai Headrush Delay/Looper[/b] - SOLD!!! [b]Wounded Paw Attack Goat[/b] Fuzz AS NEW £90 [b]H&K RedBox DI[/b] - stunning little DI with speaker simulation - new £65, as new condition £35 excl shipping. [b]Custom Shop SFX fuzz/overdrive[/b] SOLD!!! [b]Morley ABY Mix [/b]WITHDRAWN!! [b]Boss Bass Chorus[/b] AS NEW £40 Pictures on request. I ship after receipt of funds. There are several people on Basschat that know me and have dealt with me, so references are possible. Just check the feedback section.
  10. Hi Magnolia, my sincere apologies, I have amended my post accordingly and to be quite honest a PM would have been better even without forum guidelines in place. Good luck on moving this awesome bit of kit.
  11. I have this as my "rehearsal room" amp. Great piece of kit with tons of power on tap. Weighs as much as a bucket of water and puts out 500watts with extension cab. Bump for a great kit with a reasonable 2nd hand price tag.
  12. Ha ha, sorry Jim .... [quote name='BigJim' timestamp='1321278735' post='1437212'] Damn it Harry! I LOVE this!!!!!!! [/quote]
  13. Dealing with Ville is a pleasure, he bought my Spector NS6-XL and everything went smooth and silky. Buy with confidence!
  14. It certainly kicks the butt of any other 5 string P/PJ I have ever played......... and to be quite honest this is a feeler mostly because I likely would not sell. It just feels a shame not to use it every single day [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1321271836' post='1437082'] Lull PJ5's are stonking basses. They play smoothly and sound huge. Unfortunately, in the UK they seem to be a well kept secret. Mine has retired my Lakland!! Good luck with the sale. [/quote]
  15. Cheers buddy! It is going to Fred (Wookie) so it'll have a good new home [quote name='ziggydolphinboy' timestamp='1321207723' post='1436486'] oh my another fretless ive missed!!! madness glad you sold it guvnor [/quote]
  16. Peeps, apologies for the grump on pricing. Remark deleted, acceptable price is whatever anybody wants to pay for it...... some people pay 6000 quid for a beat up Fender
  17. Wow, what a beautiful instrument. Very special indeed..... good luck with the sale.
  18. Bass now on hold, sale pending...... bass going to France!
  19. I have a 900 and sold my mesa, fender and other amps...... don't need them anymore. Awesome amps, esp for the money
  20. A steal a 950........ not my tone, but excellent workmanship and playability. Hope you posted this on Statii.com as well, might help find a buyer soon.
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