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  1. Love them or hate them (I love mine) the expression pedal on my Boss ME 50 has stopped working. It only now works as a volume pedal and I relied heavily on the Wah bit for some parts of our set where everyone else is playing keyboards. The rest of the FX works perfectly. I have tried factory reset and had a good look through the book but to no avail. Any ideas??? If it is kvackered would a guitar wah or crybaby be just as good. Cheers.
  2. Its a superb gig. It's a club but with a capacity of 700, smashing people run the place and sort the sound etc.... We were very lucky last year,we did our 10th anniversarry gig there and got 609 people. Yes we did count them. Apart from that I've seen some great gigs there. This year have been Spocks Beard and Richard Thompson. You will love it.
  3. The band I play in are supporting Phill Jupitus and the blockheads at the Robin2 in Wolves next saturday. If I can find the technology to do it I will post a picture of me?us with the great norm. What a great bass player. Looking forward to meeting himand having a chat. Not about boring bloody bass guitars though. more info on www.freewebs.com/thebusbybabes/
  4. Im not going to insult my fender jazz by putting a picture of her here for you all to lust after her. I think you all know what she looks like and I did indulge her with a tortoise shell scratch plate recently. What worries me most is the state of decoration most of your houses are in. As the late Bernard Manning would say .... it's a f%%%%%g disgrace.
  5. ernie ball, the purple ones. works for me.
  6. Why not add a sixth string and just strum along with the rhythm guitar player. Works for me.
  7. www.thebusbybabes.net I love Geddy Lee and the Ox ..... PERIOD and mark king and rick danko and danny thompson and ....
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