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  1. Hi guys, I have an old bass, and have no room for it. I got it when I was a teenager, 16 years ago. It's worth precious little money and is too beaten up and be-stickered to be given to a musician's charity. I'd quite like to pass it on to anyone who is young and can't afford a bass, or is otherwise disadvantaged. Strings are old, and the 12th fret is missing! Otherwise plays solidly. Picture attached! If you know anyone who might like it who is otherwise bassless, let me know. Thanks! [attachment=140246:IMG_20130730_195912.jpg]
  2. No wave from the Scroggins sisters. Best ever song. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCGdZnPzX8E[/media]
  3. Where do you guys get your CD packaging printed? We're looking for somewhere that does nice digipacks or handsome inlays on properly weighted paper - we're making CDs to send to industry people so we want them to look as professional as possible. Thanks!
  4. We're looking to do a bunch of shows in London, but our music is very Sly Stone/Fleetwood Mac sounding, and we don't want to slug away in grimy indie rock venues like Monto Water Rats etc. Which are the really cool pop venues in London at the moment?
  5. [quote name='ZMech' post='1352522' date='Aug 26 2011, 02:54 PM']:o watched the first half before lunch, was loving it. Just came back to stick it back on, had to reload it, and now it says 'this video is private, sorry.'[/quote] Huh. Here's Sky Plus Pro's versions. Higher res, but they're horizontally flipped...
  6. [quote name='waynepunkdude' post='1352137' date='Aug 26 2011, 10:42 AM']The 'what is the best bass for metal' war still rages on.[/quote] [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiroo_Onoda"]Hiroo Onodas, the lot of them.[/url]
  7. Hello! Been busy. Playing bass again now, though! Hope all is still well in Basschat Towers – a quick read through the forum shows that you guys have finally agreed to agree to disagree on previously-contentious topics including jazz, picksnfingers, fendervsnotfender, other band members being irresponsible, fast slapping, bands that aren't yours being famous, underrated bassists, overrated bassists, Badass II bridges, awful venues, and whether you can teach groove. It's a regular bodhisattva moshpit in here.
  8. Colin Greenwood playing lots of lovely little lines all over this video, with a lovely Precision:
  9. It's hot. Several times a week we go into a windowless room and jump about for two hours. It's pretty unbearable. Does anyone have any recommendations for fans and freestanding aircon/dehumidifiers to keep in your practice room?
  10. Groovy. Do you have a Myspace or owt where your pipes can be heard? I'll probably want to have a few jams with the other instrument first before inculcating vox, though...
  11. Hey kids! I'm looking to have fun as part of a two- or three-piece, making DFA1979-cum-Postal-Service type music. I'll hit things, you'll make fuzzy noisy melodic noises on one or more instruments. You might be able to sing. We might get another person in who can sing. I'm interested in getting a set together that we can play at toilet venues in North East London. Looking for someone who wants to have some fun gigging for friends, likes to rock, to pop, to electro, and is perhaps a little bit nerdy about stuff like Creative Commons and remix-fun.
  12. So, some quick maths. Assuming I want to play through the bass amp for 3 hours: Amp: Little mark II - stated output power of this is 300 W RMS @ 8ohm (my cab is 8ohm) As you shouldn't discharge battery beyond 50% (to keep battery in good nick): I need 600 W RMS (per hour). The inefficiency of the inverter needs to be taken into account. I haven't fully explored this yet but going with his worked through calculations assuming 90% efficiency then the inefficiency factor is 1.1. Therefore 600 * 1.1 = 660 So we need a battery that can deliver a 660 watts per hour for 4 hours. Battery capacity (Ah) = Current in Amps (I) * Time (H) Need to know current drawn by our system which is done with the following: I = P/V 660W/12V = 55 Amp Therefore our battery capacity needs to be: 3 * 55 = 165 Ah So I'd need a 12v 165Ah battery to get a reasonable session at a reasonable volume? Is this terrible maths?
  13. Hey Alex, Thanks for the swift response! I've had a quick Google, and there's a bewildering array of all three things you mention above. Would I have to use a (minimum) 500w continuous inverter to power a 350w head? Any idea of how long a battery would last churning that out? Any idea how long it would take to charge?
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