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  1. I used to have a washburn mb6 that I bought from gak in the early 90s sold it far too cheaply a few years ago,would have another in a heartbeat great bass,sounded great ah memories memories
  2. have a word with chris at overwater,I am sure he would be able to suggest something
  3. time for a cheeky bump, would trade for a five string acoustic bass cash either way cheers stef
  4. Bass is now sold pending the usual cheers stef
  5. Thank for the interest sorry for the delay in a reply l am in Hastings but a meet is always possible cheers stef
  6. For me it’s a 69 jazz that I bought in 1974; with the original case,strap and receipt from the first owner, just a lovely old thing on its original frets ect, was gigged by me for many many years but was retired four years ago and now just home use cheers stef
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Headless not usually my thing but jeez that is very pretty glwts stef
  9. You are absolutely correct sir and very lovely it is,but sadly not getting the use it deserves
  10. been asked a couple of times about weight just a tad on four kilos, cheers stef
  11. Price now £500 but would prefer a trade up with cash your way
  12. Sorry for th Sorry the delay in a reply no sorry no postage cheers stef
  13. Thanks for the replies and pm firsr let me apologise for perhaps not stating in the original post, i have been asked by lots of people to post and have politely declined, i have previously posted two basses,the first was damaged in transit second never arrived i had pictures of the guy on pickup and the van etc,on both occasions it was a royal pain to sort A meet halfway if not the other end of the country is always possible , whilst some will say you would sell quicker if you post it is my decision sorry for going on cheers stef
  14. So this is now back up for sale was asked to hold do I did, not heard anything so here we are cheers stef
  15. Mark bass cmd121h made in Italy,400watts, just serviced, has been gigged but in great condition £400 mark bass traveler 121h cab 400watts,in very good condition £350 cheers stef
  16. Mark bass black line 250, comes with mark carry bag £185 ashdown lb 1x12 8ohms £175 both these items have never been gigged,the amp was a spare at giggs therefore never had to use,the cab was my house setup,as such was taken from the shop to house and there it’s stayed used at low volume cheers stef
  17. At this time the bass is on hold
  18. Mark bass 121 combo and matching cab, again this is going as I upgrade, lovely sounding rig, super condition has been gigged but not abused, plenty loud enough never let me down cheers stef
  19. Status energy 5 string energy five string, lovely old active bass no truss rod but has carbon inserts in the neck plays well sounds great, comes with original status gig bag tatty but usable and the original bass centre strap with locks just a lovely thing not being used as my go to is my overwaters, trades welcome I could use a fretless cheers
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