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  1. Not the right place to discuss it I guess, but once you've asked - Riga is fine, thank you. Still snowy and cold yet, but peaceful and beautiful! Thanks, good luck with the sale!
  2. Bram is a nice guy to deal with, I absolutely recommend him! TTT!
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. I wish I could afford it kind of bump!
  6. I got this bass in a trade 2 monhs ago and it exceeded my expectations. This is the best jazz bass & the most convenient 5-string axe I've ever laid my hands on. I would love to keep it, but I am unemployed at the moment. I can easily state it is in mint condition despite it's been accomplished in 1997. There are few dings, but nothing major. The bass has went through the electronics check, all the contacts were cleaned, the stacked coils were set properly inside the pick-up shells (wax potting was restored), the control cavity was fully shielded anew (no hum at all anymore). As a result - I am not afraid to state it - the bass literally sings, the sound is massive. The bass is relatively light, perfectly balanced on a strap. The B string is really one of the best I ever had. The specs: 3-Piece Laminated Aged Hardrock Maple Bolt-On Neck 24 Fret Quartersawn Morado/Pau Ferro Fingerboard with Genuine Mother of Pearl Side Dots Highly figured maple body central block with maple wings Scale length: 34 inches String spacing at bridge: 18 mm Gold hardware Pickups are stacked coils The price includes the bass itself of course, the original HSC, leather strap (KS) with straplocks (chrome), but does not include the ramp (which is from another bass of mine and fits the Ken Smith not so well) and trussrod tool (the size is 1/8 inch). The price: EUR 1600,- + shipping from Riga, Latvia (EU) The pics: [url="http://s1297.beta.photobucket.com/user/KuzBassLV/library/#/user/KuzBassLV/library/Ken%20Smith%20BSR5J?&_suid=136229804885808627935170000065"]http://s1297.beta.ph...627935170000065[/url] My feedback: [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/164410-feedback-for-kuzbass/page__p__1926720__hl__kuzbass__fromsearch__1#entry1926720"]http://basschat.co.u..._1#entry1926720[/url]
  7. Although a bit different, I have got in a trade the Ken Smith BSR5J not a long time ago. Very nice bass indeed, so I am sure this BSR5M is a cracking piece of the bass! Very curious to see the pics!
  8. I love this scale length The bass is nice, too!
  9. As previously said The jobless can't make the offer to the mate who is paid the salary for playing funk Otherwise I'd be on it right away
  10. Seeing that this bass doesn't sell makes me feel depressed.
  11. Another great bass from a great BCer!
  12. Very nice bass, looks more or less the same as my recently acquired BSR5J from 1997. Unfortunately can't afford your bass at the moment, all I can tell - bump for the beauty!
  13. Deal with confidence, and a bump on me!
  14. Traded a bass to Ville, very easy to deal with, great communication, fast replies. I must mention the great packaging inside the case that possibly has prevented the damage of the incoming bass. Without any doubt I would deal with Ville again and I highly recommend him!
  15. Mine keep breaking, too. But TG my neighbour repairs them each time (providing a sub for the period of repairing), not complimentary, but his fees are quite friendly.
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