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    Stunning Lakland from a great seller! Up!!!
  2. Withdrawn as I've managed to purchase a fretted bass
  3. Very nice bass, but no cash at the moment. I used to live in Tunbridge Wells during 3 months (High Brooms) about a year ago, a very nice city IMHO. Anyway, GLWTS!
  4. Very nice, I wish I had cash for it! GLWTS
  5. Bump for more trade options: very interested in Vintage Fender J or P, pre-EB MM StingRay or Sabre. Maybe a nice fretless 4. May add cash for the right bass.
  6. Pre-Black Friday kind of bump! Cash price reduced to GBP 1400,-
  7. Bump for a nice bass from the neighbor!
  8. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!
  9. Very nice, and I prefer the Classic shape to Roya. Have a bump on me!
  10. Bump for a lovely bass and great seller!
  11. Temporarily withdrawn due to the auditioning for one gig where the fretless bass might be required!
  12. The trade deal fell through, so the bass is back for sale/trade! I'd be in London November 2-6, so use your chance to save on delivery
  13. This P keeps haunting me. Well, no surprise, apart from looking lovely it is my YOB bass
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