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  1. I've recently bought US Lakland PJ from Ale and I'm fully blown away by this deal. Great communication, tons of pics and couple of videos were sent fast and without pushing. The condition of the bass (mint) is as described. Outstanding quality of packing and attention to every small detail of it. The above mentioned together with the fact that Ale has offered to share the costs of shipping and paid extra from his own pocket for the Express option brought me to the following conclusion: Ale is a true gent and a great BCer! Deal with confidence!!!
  2. Wow, what a beauty! Sounds fantastic! I must tell I enjoy your playing very much! Tight, articulate and groovy! GLWTS!
  3. Somebody please buy it! This bass keeps haunting me.
  4. What a beauty! I wish I had funds to purchase it.
  5. Stunning! I wish I could afford it, but being unemployed at the moment I can only dream about it Anyway, this goes up!
  6. Looks like a very nice and clean example. GLWTS & have a bump on me!
  7. Please forgive my ignorance, but what's the string spacing at the bridge on this bass and on Bernie's 5-stringers in general? Thanks in advance
  8. Not what I'm after and not in my price range, but this is astonishingly beautiful! GLWTS and BUMP!
  9. I keep coming back to this ad, and each time my jaw drops I always wanted to try the Spitfire and Rumour, heard many compliments on Bernie's craftsmanship. I've heard the neck of Spitfire is a mix of P & J neck (at least on 4 strings), but not sure I know more. Anyway, the best bass on BC at the moment IMHO! GLWTS!
  10. Truly gorgeous bass and the seller is a real gent! GLWTS!
  11. Fantastic bass, definitely on my wish list!!!
  12. Very nice! I wish I had funds to purchase it
  13. Great BCer! Quick payment, fast decision-making, easy to deal with and understanding. Highly recommended!
  14. Apologies, I couldn't answer earlier. Located in Riga, Latvia, which is in EU. A lot of interest, thanks everyone, it might be put on hold very soon.
  15. For sale only (sorry, no trades) Ken Smith BSRJ, 5 strings, dates by 1997 I've been selling this bass on BC marketplace some 2.5 years ago, but sold it locally. I've missed this bass, so when I had an opportunity to buy it back this spring, I didn't think twice. It's been used during these 2 years and there are signs of wear of course, the neck was re-fretted and fret board surface was leveled (which resulted the removal or the serial from the edge of the fret board, but the job is very nicely done). But the result is amazing - the neck is straight, the action may be very low, so easy to play! I can be totally honest - I'm in need of cash, this why I've decided to sell it (again) The specs are available at KS website, but in few words: 34' scale 18 mm string spacing (fixed) Stacked coils (jazz) I simply love its sound, plenty of lows, both me and the previous owner have heard compliments on how it sounds after the gigs! Comes with the KS case and strap with locks Pics can be seen at the following shortcut: [url="http://s1297.photobucket.com/user/KuzBassLV/library/Ken%20Smith%20BSR5J?sort=3&page=1"]http://s1297.photobu...J?sort=3&page=1[/url] Please note the signs of the wear (in varnish) on the top and back of the neck Price: EUR 1,200.00 or around GBP 850.00 according today's exchange rate + shipping If any questions - feel free to send a PM, my feedback is available at the feedback section here on BC
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