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  1. Sold Sean/bucko my Dean Jeff Berlin. It's been a pleasure to deal with him, I absolutely recommend. Really fast payment (even though it all took place around Christmas). I also appreciated the patience as it took "ages" for UPS to ship during the winter holidays. Easy communication is another priceless advantage. Deal with confidence!
  2. I can't believe it is still here! I must admit few more pics could be very helpful to move this beauty!
  3. Wood & Tronics Zoid VM6 This has been sold on BC numerous times. I am becoming unemployed starting from February, so I was reducing my collection recently. Unfortunately this has to go, too. I believe this bass used to belong to Viz Maurogiovanni, the amazing player from Italy. Specs: Black American Walnut body wings Padouk – purpleheart – Ash – maple – ash – purpleheart - padouk thru neck Top is Camphor burl Fret board is ebony Heal block is maple with buckeye. Scale: 33" Banjo frets Kent Armstrong pickups Bridge: ETS it's now 19mm spaced The tuners - US made Hipshot John East U-retro pre-amp, a version specially made for W&T Pics (some of them are courtesy of the previous owner): [url="http://s1297.beta.photobucket.com/user/KuzBassLV/library/Wood%20and%20Tronics%20Zoid%20VM6"]http://s1297.beta.ph...cs%20Zoid%20VM6[/url] I am mainly interested to sell. The price for sale shall be EUR 1750,- incl. the shipping to EU & UK in almost new Warwick Rockbag soft case. But might be interested in part exchange for fretted 4 string PJ kind of bass (I can only downgrade right now; the deals that may bring me around EUR 1000,- in cash my way are of interest). But might be I will be eager to trade for the equal 4 or 5 string fretted bass (then I'd have to sell another bass of mine instead), the scale length not longer than 34 inches and not a fretless bass, please. For instance Zon might be tempting. Trade value - EUR 2000,- My feedback: [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/164410-feedback-for-kuzbass"]http://basschat.co.u...ack-for-kuzbass[/url]
  4. [quote name='bucko' timestamp='1355776341' post='1902687'] Hi there. I am interested in this bass, could you let me know how much it would cost to send it to N.Ireland and your preferred method of payment. Thanks. [/quote] PM'd you
  5. I took it to the jam on Saturday, what a lovely bass it is! The sound was really "huge" even through the old combo that was there. If this does not sell, I will keep it as a back up bass.
  6. I've been in the same situation 2 years ago. The drummer all the time was playing the straight 8th beat with very seldom breaks. The worst was he could play better, but adopted the religion of "play less". I tried whatever approaches, pushed him hard, but after about 9 months I've left this band. I am still shrugging when I remember those days.
  7. [quote name='mcgraham' timestamp='1355573373' post='1900050'] Stunning, just stunning. You just need a W&T fretless to match - tho I should warn you, their fretless basses make even their fretted basses pale in comparison! [/quote] I may second every single word!
  8. For sale is Dean Jeff Berlin Exotic 4 bass I bought it from States in 2008 if I remember right. I played it for like 6 months, all the rest of the time it was in the closet. Made in Czech Republic, I don't remember all the specs, but I believe it is called Exotic (as opposite to Basic and Player) because of the exotic wood top. I am not sure what is the body wood. What I am sure about is: Bartolini pups Schaller tuners Badass bridge 34 scale 21 frets Passive The sound is huge, not sure why, maybe because it is passive? There are the dings, mostly on the top. Some of them were there originally, few of them are my fault. SOLD Here is the link to the pics: [url="http://s1297.beta.photobucket.com/user/KuzBassLV/library/Dean%20Jeff%20Berlin%20Exotic?"]http://s1297.beta.ph...erlin%20Exotic?[/url] My feedback on BC: [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/164410-feedback-for-kuzbass/page__p__1870314__hl__kuzbass__fromsearch__1#entry1870314"]http://basschat.co.u..._1#entry1870314[/url]
  9. I love this solo, I will take a look at this when I am at home. Thanks!
  10. KuzBass


    I should have done it before, not only because I've bought/sold couple of basses here. Mostly because I totally dig BC, and not only the Market place. I've sent few coins via PayPal, I hope they'd reach you.
  11. Absolutely gorgeous! I need to stop looking at Bass Market places, because in one second you suddenly stop being GAS free Any trades?
  12. I sold my Zon Sonus Special to Enzo. Fast and very precise payment and fulfillment of all conditions as promised. The communication was absolutely top class, very easy. Understanding and experience are evident right away. Definitely recommended and trustworthy person!
  13. [quote name='mcgraham' timestamp='1352797048' post='1867429'] Kuz, I think it's partly my mentality and playing attitude that has resulted in this. Also, I had another knowledgeable bassist like pantherairsoft cause me to take a step back and listen to what I was doing on the fretless, as I didn't get any inkling that I sounded different between the two. Now that I realise what I do differently I realise that the fretless is far better for me than the fretted, and I can achieve a lot more on my fretless than any other. But then the fretless is such a special piece, if there's ever anything I can't play on it, it will NEVER be the bass's fault. [/quote] I must admit your words have started a whole flow of thoughts (if one may say so in English). But while I am swimming in this flow staring at this beauty, let it go up!
  14. Thanks to everyone who has posted in this thread! I will go on and try Dunlop strings. I've just talked to Enrico from W&T, and his opinion on whether the Dunlop strings die fast was "not at all". But well, this is just his opinion, I'd go on and check myself!
  15. Stunning! It was interesting to read the explanation why you are letting this beauty go. I just hope my fretless W&T (due to arrive in one week) will not "eclipse" my Zoid VM6 (shrugging). Good luck with the sale!
  16. Uh, nice! Congrats! Be patient I have to wait much longer - one week (the other luthier though)!
  17. Truely beautiful! Bump on me!
  18. [quote name='k-sad' timestamp='1352195684' post='1859815'] hmm, u mean u don't know if ur bass is radiused or not? Matt's is obviously... Just being picky here, i liked ur ad better yesterday when it just mentioned "ACG singlecut for sale" [/quote] k-sad, actually eude is not a seller. The seller is Faithless/Laimis, he's supposed to answer
  19. Very mice bass, but nothing to offer in a trade and no funds to buy it. Still - a bump for a neighbour!
  20. [quote name='pierreganseman' timestamp='1352056528' post='1858261'] potentially back on sale... buyer reading PM's but not answering.... [/quote] I've had this kind of experience in the past, it is very annoying
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