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  1. Here's a little sound sample:
  2. Atelier Z 5-strings with the 19mm string spacing are also welcone as a trade!
  3. Thanks! Still in love?
  4. PS! 2900GBP gets it yours!
  5. margusalviste

    Alvistar Funk Association released the album "Vikerviisid"

    Oh, thank you so much!
  6. margusalviste

    SOLD Tokai Jazz Sound TJB-45 SOLD

    I own three of those golden era basses. Amazing instruments!
  7. I can also take sales offers.
  8. Thanks! These are really the best built instruments!
  9. margusalviste

    Enfield Cannon 4 Bass and case SOLD

    But they don't feel like Wal. Holding it in my hands no Wal comes in my mind at all.
  10. Hey, I need to change my hyper super fantastic Enfield Cannon Custom 4-string to a 5-string high end Jazz bass type instrument. It's a 2012 model, looks like new. Plays like butter and sounds even better. Really a great bass, I guess the wood, electronics and workmanship are THE BEST I have ever hold in my hands. And I have hold A LOT of high end basses. New costs £5580 + £120 for case. So shoot me your offers. I would prefer Enfield Cannon 5-string, Moollon 5-string, Sadowsky NYC 5-string, Alleva Coppola 5-string, F-Bass or even Fender AM Elite Jazz Bass V EB OCT. In case you have something REALLY expensive (high dollar Fodera etc) I can also add a 72 Jazz bass to the deal or some additional money. I can also downgrade a bit and am ready to take your bass and some cash as a trade. Here's the specs: Lightweight Swamp Ash body with tone chambers, Walnut top, bird’s eye maple fingerboard (dual action truss rod and 25 med/jumbo frets fitted with custom prepared 'Hipshot' tuners) and rosewood fingerboard, Enfield pickups, active 3 band eq with swept mid and passive tone. Nut Width 44mm. Weight: 3.8kg/8lb 5oz, PS! I am from Tallinn, Estonia.
  11. Hey folks, my band Alvistar Funk Association just released the album called "Vikerviisid". You can hear some really great musicians on the album - Marc Berthoumieux (France) on accordion, Ari Hoenig (USA) on drums, Jukkis Uotila (Finland) on Rhodes, Jukka Eskola (Finland) on trumpet and flugelhorn, Anton Davidyants (Russia) and Ndioba on bass (besides myself) and there are more. The songs are from the period 1982-2014. You can enjoy my music here:
  12. margusalviste

    Enfield Cannon 4 Bass and case SOLD

    Thanks! Yes, these are amazing basses!
  13. margusalviste

    Enfield Cannon 4 Bass and case SOLD

    I own the same model and it has one of the best construction quality I have met so far. Piano like clearness. Everything in those basses is top notch! I traded a Fodera for it and never regretted.