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  1. FS: An early US made MTD535 (Wenge/Wenge/Korina)

    It's '95. Just checked the papers.
  2. Hey fellows, due to the changes in my musician's life I put for sale this wonderful early MTD535. It has a Wenge/Wenge neck, a Korina body (A KILLER COMBINATION!!!) and this older model has a different headstock and different pickups. The sound that comes out from the bass is HUGE! Lots of lows and low mids and of course the famous MTD highs. The bass cuts through any mix.I have had a few US made MTDs but this one is a special one!The bass is in Tallinn but I'm ready to ship it everywhere on buyers expenses. The bass comes in it's original brown hard shell case.
  3. SOLD: Amazing Tune 5-string!

  4. SOLD: Amazing Tune 5-string!

    Still on the market
  5. 1983 MIJ Tokai factory fretless jazz- sold!!!

    Hey folks, if you ever have any needs for at least one single fretless note in your music YOU NEED THIS [b] 1983 MIJ Tokai factory fretless jazz bass![/b] I've got a 78/79 factory fretless and it's one of the most amazing jazz basses I've ever held in my hands, including the real vintage ones. Mine is red: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7vyos9mvvx2wmx3/20170730_112237.jpg?dl=0
  6. SOLD: Amazing Tune 5-string!

    Up again!
  7. SOLD: Amazing Tune 5-string!

    Some interest but still available!
  8. SOLD: Amazing Tune 5-string!

  9. SOLD: Amazing Tune 5-string!

    I can see big love for those great basses but this beauty is still available!
  10. SOLD: Amazing Tune 5-string!

    Lots of interest but still available!
  11. SOLD: Amazing Tune 5-string!

    [quote name='stufunkybass' timestamp='1500102928' post='3335589'] My bass tutor has a 6 string version he bought back in the 90's he sold it then bought it back!! Triffic basses!! [/quote] Thanks for the comment! Yes, amazing basses!
  12. SOLD: Amazing Tune 5-string!

  13. SOLD: Amazing Tune 5-string!

  14. SOLD: Yamaha TRB1005F for trade or for sale

    It's gone!
  15. SOLD: Amazing Tune 5-string!

    I prefer cash but if you have something special I might change my mind.