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  2. Very nice and I like it that you've bought matching cushions 😎
  3. I've been leaving the bass and treble controls in their detent center position (I'm hoping that's truly neutral) on my 4 string. One other thing. The battery. It fits snuggly. Took me a bit of time to carefully wiggle it out. This is my first active bass, and when the battery got low, it started emitting a low tone every so often. Took me a second or a hundred to figure out what the "problem" was. Of course, the battery was the last thing I checked.
  4. Duracell. The sizes are slightly different, this is a known truth. Because of the "capacity war", manufacturers have been manipulating sizes a little bit.
  5. I reckon the secret with the preamp is to turn both knobs down just a little, and leave it there.
  6. I’ve just put the medium scale Warwick Black Labels on it. Nice Strings! Never used them before. I went for a lighter gauge and as with all Black Labels the B is tapered. They fit perfectly and sound very nice. Bit rougher than the stock nickels as the BL are steels, but still good.
  7. The P comes with a lot more coolness and mojo...
  8. From the electronics point of view the sound will change, if you put anything to the existing circuitry. Another thing is, if this change is too big for you. You want to mix them, the passive option is the Bourns 250k or 500k MN blend pot. Active mixing: use Noll Mixpot. Active preamp with active mixing, use Audere, or John East. Most tone capsules do not offer active mixing.
  9. So after playing it for a couple of hours.... Feel and finish of it is excellent. Frets are spot on, I haven't done anything with the set up other than raise the bridge pickup ever so slightly. Intonation needs adjusting but it's only slightly off. Sounds good too! Very bright, I think I'll end up making it passive and replacing the wiring, not that I've looked inside at what's in there already mind you! Its probably perfectly fine. Just not keen on the preamp. I think it's the best value bass I've bought new. Already considering a second one for a fretless project 🙄
  10. OK, now we're talkin'! Loverly. How's it playing? One of my dogs is named Sparky. Almost thought you got me there, and then saw Puppy. Only then did I realize it was Snarky and not Sparky. 😂
  11. Dear god I’m actually aroused. What a great colour.
  12. I've just received a set of ferrules in a nice easy transaction with Geek99. Highly recommended.
  13. I've got the precursor to this - the "Icon" model. Unless Hofner dropped the ball significantly when the model changed name, these are great basses - not just "good for the money", but good basses full stop. Light as a feather, easy to play and they sound great. Limitations? Well, the string spacing may seem a little narrow at first, but you soon get used to it. They do lend themselves to a thumpy "sixties" sound, so if your looking to go for the JJ Burnel sound or something to slap yourself silly on, this won't work. Played with a pick, with a lump of sponge at the bridge, they sound fantastic.
  14. And a really terrific 13 minute documentary on him.
  15. Hi, does the truss rod and all the electrics work as expected?
  16. Posted some pickups to John, postage wasn't worth mentioning but he dutifully stuck a 5 spot in a charity tin. Thanks very much bud good dealing with you 👍
  17. More mellowness. This is Juan Areco. I had the distinct pleasure of getting to listen to him dozens of times while he was playing at the Biltmore in Coral Gables in 1997, and i was there 2 weeks/month for a year on a consulting gig.
  18. You think I should just go ahead and give it a go? I am strongly considering it, I must say. I think that while it may take a while to get to snuff on the instruments individually, I would hopefully turn out to be a better musician overall for learning two instruments.
  19. This all depends if you like the sound of the amp completely flat! I got the R400 to replace a Mesa Subway D800, which had a really nice sound but lacked something (heft or whatever you want to call it). The Handbox has that in spades, but I struggled to use the EQ to find a usable tone at first. Now, the beauty of Leszek’s design is that (for me) 1k is just about the right frequency to cut on the contour, but the three knob EQ section isn’t necessarily that intuitive to use. I think that you have to look at the reasons why people are buying Handbox amps. I didn’t need an amp to be ridiculously light like the Subway, which used to bounce off the cab mid-gig, but I wanted an amp that was an easy one hand lift that had a lot more ‘heft’ / transient response than a Class D amp. For me, the compromise is that the EQ section is relatively limited in order to keep it in such a compact package.
  20. I’ve had an original Hartke Bass Attack, MXR M80, Aguilar Tone Hammer, Sansamp V1 and 2, Behringer BDI21, briefly a Harley Benton bass expander and a couple of DHA VT pedals. I have to say that the only one I’ve come back to is the Dave Hall stuff. I had a VT2 DI EQ but am currently sporting a VT1 DI EQ and loving it as both a preamp into my power amp and my home headphone amp.
  21. itu

    Active bass

    Battery lifetime depends on the preamp and its components. This may be anything from 200 - 1500 hours. As a 9 volt battery has approximately 500 mAh capacity, this equals a consumption of around 0.3 - 2 mA. If the consumption is bigger, the voltage drop in the end is faster. Then all the capacity of the battery can not be used. I have measured a bit over 7 volts, before the preamp was not working well anymore. Usually the level is 8 something. I write the change date to every battery. It is reasonable to remove the battery, if the bass is any longer time in her case. It is also good to check the situation once a year, be it midsummer or new year. Or 9. 9. if that time reminds of the voltage and the batteries. Alembic uses (at least has been using) opamps of type NE5534. It is a low impedance opamp and consumes lots of energy. Few of those and a battery would cry for help. That is the reason for an external power source.
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