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This is an old thread that has been resurrected, for the interest of those of you who have recently joined Basschat! For more details about me and what I do, have done etc, check out my hastily produced free site - [url="http://www.freewebs.com/doctor_bass"]http://www.freewebs.com/doctor_bass[/url]

Here's some pornos!!!!

Here's 20 basses from my current stash of 65!

a closer view of some of the tasty pieces, inc. one of my Pangborns (now sold sadly)

My last and somewhat costly trip to Ebay...! #61 of only 200 built (20th anniversary model), as new!

...the green movement! Jaydee Custom Session bass, series I body, mains driven LEDs!!! Now with JD being redone in clear red!

I used to own this red Classic that was Mark King's - here I am holding the other one!

another ex King bass that I had at the time!

Anyone remember E Basses? Here we were 9 years ago at the NEC!!! Check out the chav blonde - Patrice is thinking `sacre bleu'!!! He's really thinking, what a [email protected] but he does use a Vigier Arpege! I'm no longer technically a partner in the business incidentally:

Here's some more E Basses stuff!

More to follow! Sad eh?!


Nick O

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Welcome to Basschat, Doctor.

I assume that you'll have read the forum Terms & Conditions before posting, yes? Therefore, you will already be aware that Basschat is run as a Marxist collective, and in signing up as a member, you have agreed to be governed by the forum's fundamental precept: i.e. that all basses in a member's possession at the time of joining the forum automatically become the property of the forum membership as a whole.

Just thought I'd mention that. You can start boxing them up now. I'll be over to collect tomorrow morning. :)

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Its not an exclamation mark issue, its a bass addiction that needs a severe financial injection so that more basses can be purchased and added to the collective. Mwahahahahahaha
Many thanks.


PS - for some more information on the superb Ashley Pangborn basses, check out Ian Middleton's site (which we put together many moons ago):


They are incredible! (oops!)

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Bigwan - very long story which has many twists and turns - the situation was a complete nightmare which nearly ended up with my solicitor being called into play! The magazine (who completely denied any responsibility) then suddenly `produced' compensation for our customer (who happens to be a very good mate - he's the sales director for Soundcraft mixing desks) by way of a brand new Warwick bass. He will however, be receiving a brand new fretless prototype as a matter of course once it all gets going again (Ian, my business partner became totally fed up with the whole thing but having had a break, he is now building some really fantastic pieces). I'm not really part of the company anymore due to lack of time but will be helping out as needed, such as Music Live at the NEC in November where they will be launched!

Oh, the pickups are Kents!


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Many thanks! Funnily enough, I do have a copy of that flier somewhere! My bass is very similar to the twin neck job, but of course mine only has a single neck!!!!

The review is very interesting! I've actually spoken to Ashley over the phone - he is now resident in Germany and works for the Gibson custom shop over there. Nice guy but very wary of people...

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