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Parallel vs Series


Parallel vs Series  

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  1. 1. Parallel vs Series

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Parallel is the classic J bass tone. Compulsory. Series is a nice extra to have as a bonus, but it's not vital. It's like being on 10 and having an 11 to go to, but you need to have the classic 1 to 10 first.

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10 minutes ago, BigRedX said:

Series always sounds better when you play on your own, but as soon as you add the rest of the band the mid-scoop means the bass tends to get lost in the mix.


What circuit are you basing that on? I haven't run one through a frequency analyser, but always found series wiring is more of a low-mid and output boost than any kind of scoop. You do lose a lot of treble though so it can be pretty muddy with high output pickups.


To answer the question, I wire all mine parallel but having a push/pull option for series is a great trick. It should be stock as a 4-way switch on telecasters too - it's perfect for a passive boost.

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I like both, but stick to parallel the majority of time. I do love the extra grunt and darkness that switching to series brings, but most of the time I want my jazz to sound like a jazz and want that treble-tastic bite

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