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Help to identify this Dennis Bovell bass


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Can anyone please identify this bass or its nearest modern day equivalent? It's a Yamaha played by Dennis Bovell. I have searched through the Yamaha website and I cannot find an exact match so if anyone can suggest the nearest current equivalent that would be champion. For context I am a beginner and I am thinking for my first "proper" bass a Yamaha could be a good shout. I am looking to play dub/reggae and a Jazz type model is an obvious starting point but I am looking at possible alternatives.


Dennis Bovell | Monkeybiz Management

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8 minutes ago, Doddy said:

I think it's a Yamaha RBX 760a


Correct. Generally available on 2nd hand market for apx £250. There's an overpriced one here, however this is the 2nd edition which has humbuckers not the single coils of the one pictured. There's also a 5 string model here, at about the right price.


I have a RBX765A which is from 1997, got it for £200 (mega cheap) earlier this year on Facebook Marketplace - it's my main 'do it all' instrument and it would make a great instrument at any level.



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A Yamaha would certainly be good as a first “proper” bass, I speak from experience, I went from cheap starter instruments to a Yamaha BB1100s. That bass did hundreds of gigs, and my first experience in recording studios.

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