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Dynacord BS412


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Dynacord BS412 amp. 250watt (350 peak) combo From the 80s. Comes in it’s own flightcase. Unbelievable German high end studio quality. Managed to get this one after searching for many years and a quick day trip to a very rainy Skegness secured it. Someone had over painted the flightcase aluminium but that came off with a blunt flat blade driver. 

Its a great sounding amp with a fantastic onboard compressor. I’ve never really liked onboard ones but this is fantastic.
I tried one at a rehearsal room years ago and saw many on touring band stages so I presume they were popular in hire stock. After buying many amps and cabs I lusted after years ago and being bitterly disappointed when I tried them,  I wasn’t holding out much hope for this but it’s every bit as good as I remember, if not much better. 












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A friend of mine has a Dynacord DSP715. 300 watts, 15", and a built-in compressor. I said I could buy it from him, but he wasn't interested... no wonder. I could find only few pictures (note the slanted front):



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My first bass amp was a Dynacord Bass King T, 50W hybrid amp, with something as unusual as a transistor preamp section and a tube poweramp section, I played it through a 1x 15" cab + a 2x 15" cab and it was plenty of loud enough for band practice with a noise rock band that I played bass in back then, I even played a couple of open air festivals with this rig and had no issues with being heard and hearing my self, though it did go through a PA and we had monitors on stage.

Only time it struggled and just barely was loud enough was a show in a sort of mid sized venue, an old cinema, with only the vocals going through a PA.

But for smaller bar sized kind of venues and gigs with PA support and stage monitors I never had any issues with it only being rated at 50W, despite playing fairly loud and noisy rock. 

More recently I've owned the earlier original 50W Bass King full tube model amp, and I kind of regret selling it, should have kept it and used it for my guitar rig.

Both were great amps.

Congratulations with your find. 

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On 23/10/2020 at 10:30, gjones said:

I remember my local venue, in the 90s, had a dynacord PA. I never knew they made bass combos.

Dynacord originally made bass amps but they were so high quality and very expensive they weren't selling enough of them so they started making pa systems which really took off and put them on the map so they stopped making bass amps and concentrated on the pa systems. 

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On 09/03/2021 at 22:17, alan_01_uk said:

Have any of you tried the Dynacord Reference 3000 this is the best sounding amp I have ever owned. 4x10 EV  speakers 300 watt combo and you can get a 4x10 extension cab 




In the late 80's or early 90's, when I was still using my BS412, I saw a band (might have been The Hoax?) using a Ref 3000 and it sounded fantastic. I wanted one. Because I was strapped for cash, I spent ages trying to track a used one down. I never found one!!

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I found another one on eBay. A quick trip to Edinburgh yesterday and its keeping the other one company at the studio. 

I only bought it as I thought it was better cosmetic condition than the first one but it’s more or less the same. This one is a little older according to the serial number.






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