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  1. Hi there. Selling this vintage Yamaha drum machine for a fair pice. No issues, will post. Comes with power supply. Message if you’re interested.
  2. Hi there. I’m in the process of selling my DB 680 preamp but I’ve been in hospital recently and I need to source the screw in cap for the slo-blo fuse which has somehow gone missing. Can anybody help me find a replacement cap, the fuse is .5 amp, . Any advice would be great. Steve.
  3. Hi there, I have a QSC PLX 3102 Power amp, if that’s any use. Steve.
  4. Herr Frank Itt used these.
  5. Yes are totally beautiful. Jon is our guide. Chris has left, and I am gutted. Chris, Jon, Bill, Tony and peter changed my life.
  6. Hi, Lfalex, it’s the weight that’s the issue. I’m selling both and I’m looking for a single unit amp. Booth come in at just over 40lbs. Make no mistake, together, at 4 ohmns, it’s 3100 clean watts, going into either the Tech Soundsystems 6x10”, or the Glock cab.
  7. Hello, for sale is the legendary DB680. Mint condition, including foot switch. Includes postage.
  8. It’s all in the fingers. I’ve always sounded the same, whatever bass, amp or desk. Make your bass “Talk”. 👌
  9. Genesis, Wind and Wuthering. Rush, Moving Pictures, Yes, Relayer, Marillion, ?, Pink Floyd, Animals. Cardiacs, Sing To God.
  10. Hi, Dad. I’ll have a little lay down. 😴
  11. As it says above, I will sell all that when I get my subs sorted. I need an amp that approaches that but weighs a lot less. Any ideas?
  12. Big shoutout to Josh , you legend.
  13. Hi Shep are you still in charge of that lovely Roscoe?
  14. Hiya mate, what you packing these days?
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