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Dom in Dorset

More piano recycling

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Hello again. 
For anyone who missed out on my last offering:
Since then I've moved to Dorset (clue in new user name) and set up a temporary workshop in my mother's shed. I have a few projects on the go , all involving recycled materials , notably pianos. I'll start with what I hope will be a fairly straight forward Precision Bass build. For now I'm calling it the P34 as it's a 34" scale P bass.
I cut a blank for the neck and started to remove the veneer from the surface that will take the fretboard. The veneer is stuck on with old animal glue and I don't want to run the risk of the fretboard coming off at a later date.
Then I noticed that there was a join in the wood just off centre that could weaken the neck and make the headstock look crap so...start again!
New neck blank, this one only has veneer on one side.
It has the number 31093 stamped on it, probably the pianos workshop number to ensure that parts of each instrument in production stay together. This will be lost when the fretboard goes on. Take a last look :
Slot routed for the truss rod:
The fretboard , made from some sort of mahogany, no idea exactly what.
The body so far. It's based on the previous Tele body but solid and with the upper horn added.DSCF1148.thumb.JPG.1e981d91a66182106def1b5f59a08f67.JPG
I didn't have my glasses on when I took that!
The fretboard has been glued , hopefully I'll get back in the workshop tomorrow.





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It was a bit crap.
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Looking at the blurry picture of the body last night it occurred to me that I could only describe it as "dirty brown" . You may be surprised that I work at a piano shop and we often strip and refinish pianos. You'd be amazed at how many times a maker took the trouble to cover a piano in beautiful figured/flamed veneer only to hide the whole thing under a generous layer of brown gunk. See bellow:
I took a chance that I'd find something nice under the gunk...
Onto the neck....the template (you'll never guess what I made it out of).
The trimmed neck:

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Recycling at its best.  Keep going  Dom

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I felt very pleased with myself when I fretted the neck :
Then I remembered that it's far easier if you do the dot markers first. oops. Never mind, it will just be harder work. I think the fretboard is walnut.
Then I did some routing:
Shaped body with neck:
I may or may not do some contouring on the body , I'll see how it feels later before deciding.
Then I took it apart and covered it in oil:

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