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Iacopo San

My first vintage bass - 1970s Jolana Iris Bass

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A couple of weeks ago I bought my first vintage bass, quite cheap off Facebook. It's a Jolana Iris bass made in Czechoslovakia sometimes in the 1970s I believe. I contacted Jolana to know a bit more about this bass and when it was made, as they still make guitars and basses, but I didn't get a reply so far. Since there isn't much info on this online, i thought I would share some photos and sound samples.

The bass is a short scale (30.5" I believe), very light. I suspect the body is made of some cheap composite wood. Bridge seems to work perfectly and it is very easy to adjust. Tuning pegs also work surprisingly well. Neck is not the straightest, but I am not surprised considering the age. However, there is no fret buzz along the neck, but it does buzz on the open G and A strings. It has a zero fret and the previous owner changed the nut at some point, so it looks like the nut is slightly too high and the strings don't rest fully on the zero fret. I hope I can rectify this easily by sanding a bit the nut.

A couple of cool features, as highlighted in this video I found you YouTube: 

The top part of the bridge is movable, simply kept in place but the pressure of strings. And the top strap lock  can be unscrewed to become a flat head screwdriver, which i thought was a very cool feature I have never seen anywhere else.

The pickups on mine are different from the blade style in the video above, so I suspect this may be a later version also made in the 1970s? if anyone has any more info about what sort of year this could have been made, it would be great. Also in the video he mentions that the pick up selectors has 8 different positions, but it's actually 4 that repeat twice. Also the tone knob does not seem to have any effect, so I may have to have a look inside to see if there are connection issues.

As I said, I recorded some samples of all the four pickup positions (two neck - two bridge), first fingers then with a pick. It's the roundwound strings the bass came with, I just got some Labella flatwound to see how he plays with those, I am hoping to get the full 70s deal with them. Looking forward to try them, I may post samples with them too.

Overall I am very happy with it. Not sure I can use the bridge pickup as I find it too thin and nasal, but I really love the neck pickup, sounds very 1970s for me. The person who sold it to me warned me that it could be quite noisy, but so far I find it very quiet. I haven't tried it with a distortion pedal yet.

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Wow, that's proper quirky-cool! I'd be thinking flatwounds for that at some point.

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40 minutes ago, Jus Lukin said:

Wow, that's proper quirky-cool! I'd be thinking flatwounds for that at some point.

Indeed! Got some ready to put on when I get to fix the nut. I haven't touched flatwound strings for 15 years, it's going to be fun!

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Posted (edited)

Got some more photos... The holes by the bridge are for the bridge cover, which was missing together with the other bridge cover. However, I much prefer it naked like this.


Bridge 2.jpeg

Headstock back.jpeg


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      For sale, my beautiful 1966 Fender Precision in fantastic condition, all original (as far as I am aware) with original finish and original Fender hard case (including Fender catalogue).
      This is a player’s bass, not a case queen, but has been extremely well cared for by previous owners as well as by me.
       It has light signs of wear and some dings as you’d expect a 54 year old to have. I’ve gigged the bass extensively in the time I’ve owned it and always kept/transported it in a Hiscox LiteFlite case, not the OHSC.
      Apart from some minor body chips and scratches there are a couple of small dents in the neck behind frets 1-3 but these aren’t noticeable under the hand. There’s also some lovely light checking to the lacquer on the headstock and rear of the body. I’ve tried to capture these as best I can with my phone camera.
      Pups, pots, wiring and solder joints all look all original. The pups are still bonded to the black foam and backing plate. No dating is evident and I didn’t want to risk separating them to try and find out.
      Pots are stamped 6618 which I believe is week 18 of 1966 (kindly correct me if I’m wrong).
      The date stamp on the neck is partially faded and obscured by red ink but this is how it was when I bought it. To my eyes it reads 5 MAY 66 C. The neck is classic P chunky, solid and straight with a fully functioning truss rod and reverse tuners on the headstock.
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      Comfortably light, on the digital bathroom scales it comes in at 8.6 lbs / 3.9 kg.
      The case has a few dings and a couple of smallish rips but inside is clean and plush and all catches and hinges function (I don’t have the keys though). It came to me with a 1967-68 Fender catalogue inside which is in lovely condition and a really nice piece of history.
      This is a beautiful example of a mid-60’s P bass with a classic full burpy sound that sits so well in the band mix.
      Now... I know there are some real vintage aficionados and experts on the forum so in the spirit of openness and honesty I want to mention 3 things;
      Control knobs. These are more than likely the originals but still look brand new. I have no way of knowing as these were the knobs it came to me with but I am just saying as someone pointed it out to me.
      Ashtrays. Both are in really good clean condition and I believe are the originals. They show light scratching close up which doesn’t come out in the photos. Inside the bridge cover there is no evidence left of any foam mutes but there is some surface roughness in that area.
      E string tuner. Fully operational and stable but a bit stiffer than the other 3. I’ve had it apart and lubricated it, can’t see anything wrong, so it’s a bit better but wanted to point this out to potential buyers. 
      I’m offering this bass for sale only (no trades thank you) at a competitive price based on what I’ve seen similar condition basses advertised by reputable dealers.
      I’m happy to ship at the buyer’s expense or arrange personal socially-distanced collection within a reasonable radius (location KT18).

    • By SurroundedByManatees
      Gibson SB-450 
      Cool and rare Gibson from the '70s. Apparently less then 1.000 were made, so there aren't too many of them around. 

      As you can see from the pictures, the bass has been used. It has a lot of user marks and finish checking all over. The bridge has been replaced (original one in poor condition is still there), as well as the truss rod cover. It should be mentioned that the plastic cover of the bridge pickup has broken at the point where the adjustment screw enters. Someone tried to melt it together again, but its still loose. I've set the hight, and left it this way. 
      Further this bass is in good functional condition. The neck is straight and all hardware and electronics function like they should. 
      This bass plays and sounds great. It has an open, clear and full punchy sound. Not what is usually expected from a Gibson. It's also a very light instrument; my kitchen scale says it's only 3,35 kilos! 
      The original hardcase is included. 
      Asking €1.100 (approx £975)
      The bass is located in the Netherlands. Shipping is not a problem. 
      Trades and partial trades are welcome. I am not really looking for a different bass (though maybe a stingray...). Though I might be interested in a ampeg V4b Amp, a nice fender bassman cab to match my 135, effects, and even a cool guitar (fender am std strat, old duo sonic or mustang).... 
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      Here is my lovely Nightingale bass the pre runner to the GB rumour bass and as you can see there is plentry of DNA present.
      Was totally refinished by the previous owner and Bernie Goodfellow worked on the bass also fitting an agular obp3 pre amp.
      Also has side luminlay position markers that can be charged with blue light https://luminlay.com/featuresen.html
      The action is low the paint job is perfect and the board and fret are as now, beautiful snake wood board too. 
      Also very light.
      Only moving on as too many basses in the collection at the moment. 

    • By adrihongkong
      Hi all,
      I'm trying to find our more information about this bass (pictures attached). 
      All I know is that it looks like a Fender copy made by Aria in Japan around 1970 like these basses here:
      However, the colour combination of body/pick guard is different, and the logo on the headstock is something I haven't seen anywhere else on the internet.
      Can somebody help me?
      The serial number is AP2457, even though I know it might not be of much help.
      Thank you!

    • By lowbelow
      Hi All,
      I am selling my Trace Elliot VA400 tube head. I also sell a 4x10 and a 1x15 but I doubt think it would be worth it to ship them. I live in the Netherlands.
      The head is great, I git it serviced, and all tubes are fine and the amp works perfectly. It is 400 W worth of trace sound. It has options for 2/4 ohm, and low and high power output as well as a turning the black light on or not.
      It has a red circuit to go directly to the preamp  and on to the poweramp (both tubes) or the green circuit to first go through the known SM12 with eq and all that. If you use the red cicuit you can still dial in some of the green giving you the best of both.
      I personally used the red circuit 95% of the times, just dialing in some extra lows on open air gigs or such.
      You can see some vids of me playing it on youtube, just search for the amp. I can see how it might be difficult to come and test it for yourself, so whatever inquiries you may have please ask!
      It is a rare find! Though it has been gigged in it's time (the pictures show some cosmetic damage) it has served me without any trouble for the last 10 years, and still does that. I am letting go of it in search of a more high fidelity setup, that will also serve my upright and babybass better, as well as something a bit lighter now.
      I want to free up some cash to get me a barefaced cab as well.
      1000 + Shipping costs (I think about 150 is a fair guess for that?)

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