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  1. I actually prefer Phil Collins era Genesis, I know that probably puts me in the minority here
  2. Honestly, give them a few weeks to get their s!!t together and then leave of it doesn't improve. I have been in a similar situation with a guitarist who doesn't practice and my experience has been that no amount of nagging will make a difference because the problem is the musicians whole attitude towards making music. Sadly some musicians are happy to show up to a gig and wing there way thorough it and see nothing wrong with that.
  3. I would add that if you are comfortable with taking basses apart and with electrics then it might be worth taking out the pickups and the wiring and going nuts sanding the body and once it is looking better finishing in a dark-ish laquer to cover any grotty looking bits
  4. +1 nothing to lose really, the front of the body is not too bad so I would probably just sand the horns a bit at the front of the bass and go nuts sanding the back of the bass
  5. That sounds interesting, I feel like with most P pickups if for example you compare to a J or other single coil there is usually a steep drop off of the highest frequencies, it seems like most P pickups get any brightness they have from the high mids/low treble area so full range sounds interesting
  6. Interesting, I don't think I have ever used a P bass pickup that fits that description, I might have to give them a try on that alone. The other pickup I am intrigued by is this Guyker P bass rail pickup which is around £30.00, I think I will give both a try, they are both cheap enough
  7. I think this may be the issue, boiling them will get some of the brightness back but there is no substitute for new strings, you mentioned you replaced the electrics, not sure what you are using but replacing the tone pot with a 1meg or a no load tone pot will brighten up the tone. Finally as a last resort, a pickup swap might help, I say as a last resort as it is easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of endless pickup swaps to find "the one" but some Seymour Duncan SJB-3's will give you a good meaty tone, Model J's also will but will be darker sounding
  8. when I had my shortscale Jaguar bass I replaced the control plate with a 2 hole mustang control plate and went with 2 volumes, I never use tone controls on basses they are always on full, I recently had a Kiogon harness made for a P bass with the tone control replaced with a bass rolloff, much more useful to me
  9. What did you go with in the end, 2 volumes or 1 volume 1 tone?
  10. Hmm it would seem that Seymour Duncan secure there pickup wires with Pritt stick, or maybe spit and Blu tack

    1. Bassfingers


      +1 on that! 


      I have had to re-solder two of my Antiquities P Bass pick ups so far. One went on a gig and left me bass - less (yes I probably should have taken a back up!) 



    2. shoulderpet


      Yowsers, is bad enough with most Seymour Duncans but the antiquities cost twice as much, you would expect more for the cost

  11. And another amplug bites the dust, honestly even for the relatively modest price they go for the build quality is shocking, another case of £5 build quality on a £40 device

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    2. MrSpace


      Yeah I have both EHX and Amplug, sound and build quality is better with EHX but I find myself using the Amplug for the Aux in and drum machine. Hasn't died on me yet fingers crossed. 

    3. Chienmortbb


      The problem is that you are using them. Keep them in the box and they are fine.

    4. Bigwan


      NUX Mighty Plug. Rechargeable, bluetooth control (but has presets so you don't have to use this), bluetooth streaming, suitable for guitar and bass.

  12. Beautiful bass, I have the classic 50s which is what the Vintera used to be called and it is a fantastic bass, I dont think you will dissapointed
  13. Based on my experience with Squier quality control (or lack of) I would go with Vintera
  14. Thanks, what side of the spectrum do they fall on tonally? Interested to hear if they are the classic round P bass tone or if they are on the gnarlier end of the spectrum, tone is the thing that matters to me, at the price these go for I will order one
  15. And the Prosteels are off, [email protected]!dy dreadful things, as soon as I put them on half my midrange vanished, curiousity got the better of me and it didn't pay off.

    Fresh set of Rotosounds on and wow the Rotos sound so much better, the growl is back and I actually have other frequencies besides low bass and high treble.


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    2. shoulderpet


      I haven't tried that many steel strings but Rotos have good mids, Prosteels I found to be very lacking in mids, and this is in a bass with a very midrange heavy pickup

    3. mcnach


      I had the ProSteels a while ago. I remember feeling the same way initially, but because I rarely like fresh steels in particular, I waited a bit. Once they're used a bit they sound a lot better, and the mid-scoop goes away. In my opinion they were not as good as DR Fat Beams but after 2-3 weeks of regular use they are in the same ballpark.

    4. shoulderpet


      Yeah I dont think the Prosteels would work for me regardless of breaking in period, I thought I would give them a try rather than my usual Rotosounds and they seemed to suck all the life out of my tone, way too sterile and polite, when I put the Rotos back on I was amazed how much better they sounded

  16. That is true but you get some pickups in the lower price range where no thought seems to have gone into them and there objective seems to be just to wind something that makes a sound as cheaply as possible and some that actually seem to have some thought and care put into them (like Toneriders for example), if Warman falls into the latter category they could be a real bargain Also hoping someone can weigh in on how they sound tonally what kind of tonal character they have etc
  17. Have always been intrigued by these and they seem to have a good reputation however I have noticed that they are a cheapy pickup so it is possible that peoples expectations have adjusted accordingly, so my question is this... Are these good pickups for the price or are they good pickups regardless? To use an example lets say you had a passive US Fender P bass, would these be an improvement on the stock pickups or would these be a downgrade? Thanks
  18. As in classic 50s series that was supercei by the Vintera range
  19. Just received the pickup and attempted to fit it, I thought it might be close but there is literally no space at all like maybe 1mm between the pickup and the strings and when fretted they are sitting on the pickup so looks like I am going to either have to do some drilling or hacksaw off the excess steel pole length
  20. I have a set on order, bit concerned about the size of the poles sticking out the back of the pickup, can anyone confirm if these are just steel poles and the bars are the neo magnets? If so then maybe I can replace the steel poles with some shorter ones ?
  21. Zombie thread alert...... I have a pbxn on the way, hoping it will fit my Fender p bass(I remember buying one years ago for my Squier and it was too tall for the cavity), I currently have my go to Seymour Duncan SPB-2 in the bass and it's a great pickup but I would like to try a pickup with a bit more grind in the high frequencies as the Duncan has a lot of low and high mids but virtually no treble. I might not keep the pickup in there but I figured for £30 shipped it was worth the gamble. Anyone care to comment on how this pickup sounds tonally,was so long ago since I had one that I can't remember, interested to hear what its tonal bias is (mid focused, treble focused etc)
  22. My puerile mind is disappointed that there is not a thread for P basses with two P pickups called The joy of the PP Yes I know I am childish
  23. Oh man that is a good one, I have played so many gigs where the venues treat the band like [email protected]! , I remember one gig where the venue owner was literally asking us how long we were going to be packing up our equipment immediately after we had finished our set. With regards to drinks all the venues I have played in have been pretty [email protected]!, 1 drink seems to be the standard. One venue we played we were told we would get a rider....turns out the rider was 1 pint per band member
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