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  1. Yeah I think i will contact them and see what they say, just found on GAK for £539
  2. Thanks, have put a post on the Items wanted section on basschat as would prefer to buy used
  3. Ok so after some thought I have decided to go in a completely different direction. I had a p/j Mustang bass a while ago that I stupidly moved on, the tone of the P pickup on that bass was awesome and the bass itself has a really nice feel to it so I am on the lookout for a used P/j Mustang and will swap out the J for a split coil like a model j or similar
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Honestly as someone who has owned and passed on both and will shortly be re- purchasing the Mustang I honestly think the Fender is better, sounds better, looks better and the neck feels nicer on the Mustang, the Sire neck is kind of meh in my opinion.
  6. Ok so to throw a wildcard into the mix another option I am considering is getting a Fender pj Mustang and putting a split coil j pickup in, technically a split coil is a humbucker albeit a J shaped one. I remember a while ago when I had a Mustang pj which I sadly no longer own I really liked it
  7. I had an Epiphone EB0 that had "interesting" intonation, fun bass to play though
  8. I had one of those several years ago and stupidly ended up moving it on, big mistake as the stock pickup had a great Tone
  9. I like the double single coil P pickups in it, maybe a Duncan quarter pound single coil P pickup if they are standard size to fatten up the bridge pickup. Regarding the nut I would put some electrical tape on the zero fret to protect it and then use some bass strings in a back and forth motion to bring the nut slots height down
  10. Thanks, a quick look on basschat and I found someones impressions of the bass stating that the neck finish was a little off which is a bit disappointing to hear as to me the feel of the neck on a bass can make or break it and ime is usually what makes a (decent) Fender feel better than a Squier, maybe I will have to try one of these in person
  11. Have you played the Fender pj Mustang (the one that goes for about £550 new) ? Any idea how the Fallout tribute stacks up against that bass in terms of fit,finish, build quality etc? I have played one of the pj Mustang basses and was impressed with the build quality, it felt solid and had a good resonance to it.
  12. Good lord, how expensive are Mim Fenders now!! Nearly £700 for an Mim p bass!! I remember when you could get one for £300ish new

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    2. franzbassist


      They're also much better basses now than they used to be, so add that into the mix too.

    3. Chownybass
    4. Jean-Luc Pickguard

      Jean-Luc Pickguard

      The JMJ mustang is MiM & costs around a grand these days. Worth every penny as well!

  13. Surprising to see some fairly heavy picks being used, I go with 0.73mm or thinner, 0.73 is the absolute heaviest I go with, I find that with heavier picks I end up absolutely battering the strings and ending up with lots of buzz, how do you heavier pick players keep your attack light enough for it to work or do you just use a high action ?
  14. I saw a Youtube video where someone looked at what was under the pickup cover on the Les paul Jr and interestingly enough it looked like two single coil p bass pickups with oversized polepieces
  15. Funny you mention that, I have had gas for one of those since they came out, they look great and in the videos ive seen they sound great too
  16. The Epiphone EB3 is long scale and the Gibson is more than I can afford to spend unfortunately
  17. +1 my least favourite finish too
  18. Awesome, I like my bass to sound like its out for blood so that is music to my ears
  19. Yeah it is looking like the Fallout bass is a good bet, I bet that beefy looking pickup has some serious balls to it
  20. Thank you for the replies, probably also worth mentioning, I like a bass that is wider at the nut for example my Hofner club bass is around 43mm at the nut and it is probably the most comfortable neck I have played (unfortunately for rock the Hofner needs a lot of processing to get a nicely gnarly tone). I am not after tight string spacing like on the Hofner and doesn't have to be slim on the dusty end like the Hofner
  21. That bass has been on my radar for a while, only thing that has stopped me from pulling the trigger is the plastic pickup surrounds but having heard good things about it I am really tempted
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