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For sale, my beautiful 1966 Fender Precision in fantastic condition, all original (as far as I am aware) with original finish and original Fender hard case (including Fender catalogue).

This is a player’s bass, not a case queen, but has been extremely well cared for by previous owners as well as by me.

 It has light signs of wear and some dings as you’d expect a 54 year old to have. I’ve gigged the bass extensively in the time I’ve owned it and always kept/transported it in a Hiscox LiteFlite case, not the OHSC.

Apart from some minor body chips and scratches there are a couple of small dents in the neck behind frets 1-3 but these aren’t noticeable under the hand. There’s also some lovely light checking to the lacquer on the headstock and rear of the body. I’ve tried to capture these as best I can with my phone camera.

Pups, pots, wiring and solder joints all look all original. The pups are still bonded to the black foam and backing plate. No dating is evident and I didn’t want to risk separating them to try and find out.

Pots are stamped 6618 which I believe is week 18 of 1966 (kindly correct me if I’m wrong).

The date stamp on the neck is partially faded and obscured by red ink but this is how it was when I bought it. To my eyes it reads 5 MAY 66 C. The neck is classic P chunky, solid and straight with a fully functioning truss rod and reverse tuners on the headstock.

Beautiful striping on the rosewood fingerboard and there’s plenty of life left in the slim frets. The bass is currently strung with LaBella flats.

Comfortably light, on the digital bathroom scales it comes in at 8.6 lbs / 3.9 kg.

The case has a few dings and a couple of smallish rips but inside is clean and plush and all catches and hinges function (I don’t have the keys though). It came to me with a 1967-68 Fender catalogue inside which is in lovely condition and a really nice piece of history.

This is a beautiful example of a mid-60’s P bass with a classic full burpy sound that sits so well in the band mix.

Now... I know there are some real vintage aficionados and experts on the forum so in the spirit of openness and honesty I want to mention 3 things;

Control knobs. These are more than likely the originals but still look brand new. I have no way of knowing as these were the knobs it came to me with but I am just saying as someone pointed it out to me.

Ashtrays. Both are in really good clean condition and I believe are the originals. They show light scratching close up which doesn’t come out in the photos. Inside the bridge cover there is no evidence left of any foam mutes but there is some surface roughness in that area.

E string tuner. Fully operational and stable but a bit stiffer than the other 3. I’ve had it apart and lubricated it, can’t see anything wrong, so it’s a bit better but wanted to point this out to potential buyers. 

I’m offering this bass for sale only (no trades thank you) at a competitive price based on what I’ve seen similar condition basses advertised by reputable dealers.

I’m happy to ship at the buyer’s expense or arrange personal socially-distanced collection within a reasonable radius (location KT18).






































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Thats just filth! 😛😛😛😛

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Very nice & a very good price.  GLWTS.



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58 minutes ago, Captain Bassman said:

Final price reduction. Now £4,000 cash. No offers, no trades.

Cuttin’ me froat ‘ere but bass needs to sell.

A lovely bass at what looks like (as far as I know) a really good price - lots of pictures ... and I’m surprised it’s not sold

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Hoe lee sheet! What a corker!

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12 minutes ago, walshy said:

Hoe lee sheet! What a corker!

Thanks, she sure is!

A couple of interested buyers now. The price might seem low to some but is in line with recent market research I carried out (ahem... eBay...) 😏

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5 hours ago, Captain Bassman said:

Thanks, she sure is!

A couple of interested buyers now. The price might seem low to some but is in line with recent market research I carried out (ahem... eBay...) 😏

Yeah I have a ‘66 P, it’s an absolute machine! If I had the cash I’d have snapped this one up too. GLWTS dude

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2 hours ago, walshy said:

Yeah I have a ‘66 P, it’s an absolute machine! If I had the cash I’d have snapped this one up too. GLWTS dude

What a stunner! Incredible! 😁 GLWTS

Walshy you never cease to amaze me. You have one too!  My year of birth!


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      Selling my Hofner Verythin Contemporary Series bass - set up with la bella flats - very woody and thumpy tones - action uber low - neck and intonation great, a nice bass at a nice price. Have box and gig bag so can ship to uk- will knock off £20 cash for pick up - or can deliver within 50mile radius of Clitheroe - selling as not playing or recording for foreseeable - slight ding near bottom - ding pic shows reflection of my phone not a crack btw

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      -          Fender Road Worn Jazz Neck, 2008/2009.
      -          Fender Tort scratchplate.
      -          Fender Custom Shop 62 pick ups.
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      -          Hipshot Ultra Light tuning pegs.
      -          Nate Mendel signature neck plate. 
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      Collection in London or delivery at buyer's expense. Delivery will include a Reunion Blues Continental semi-hard case for £100 more.
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      - All Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard
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      - Double action truss rod
      - Medium jumbo frets
      - Bolt on neck
      - Two custom Armstrong single coil Pickups
      - 3 way selector switch and master tone and master volume
      - All Hipshot hardware (Kickass bridge and super light tuners)
      - Dunlop strap locks

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