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Steve Brisley

Musicman Stingray V

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Purchased in 2019. MusicMan Stingray V 3EQ Active Bass Guitar. White with Maple neck.

This was my dream bass and I'm reluctant to sell, however .I'm moving to NYC

Available to pick up in Lincoln.

Apart from a tiny dink on the neck which I've tried to capture that doesn't affect playing whatsoever this 12 month old bass is in great condition 






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Hey buddy - same as above - what's the weight on this one? interested in trades/ upgrades to an Alpher or Sadowsky?

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I’ll try dig out some scales and put the weight up when I do! Looking for cash for this one as I’m moving to the states and want to thin down what I’m taking over! 

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Hi, I'm confused by this as I don't think Music Man were making non stingray specials/classics by 2019 and this doesn't appear to be either. Are you sure this was made in 2019 and not just bought then? 

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Thanks for your comment as I would not want to mislead and do no know the timeline of MusicMan models. I just went to a few stores stores in 2019 and tried out several new stingrays and this sounded best! I’ve edited the post to reflect that.

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So I believe this bass is around 4.3 kg. Weighed it with myself and that was the difference. Unfortunately the link above worked but didn’t display weight. 

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So, when was it made, then ?

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      For sale - Custom built Overwater Progress 3 Deluxe 5 string. AAA birds eye maple top over walnut wood body (personally chose the wood for this build). Unmarked satin finish. 
      5 string through neck 36" scale (18mm string spacing at the bridge). New Overwater nickel light strings. Stunning build quality and has a gorgeous neck. No fret wear, rosewood fingerboard with mother of pearl dots.
      The neck has purple heart stringers around maple (5 piece neck) with rock stable tuners. Original OW soapbar pickups with vol, pickup pan, treble, mid and bass. 9vdc active circuit - original John East electronics. As well as a standard output it has a built-in XLR balanced out to go direct to the desk etc. Built for me by Chris and Martin in 2001. Has Chris May's signature inside the electronics cover. 
      Some black paint is scuffed on the bottom edge of the bridge and the brass saddles are a bit tarnished (I'll polish them first) 
      Original Overwater supplied hard case included (I think it's a Hiscocks case?). I'd rather not send via a courier - I can drive to deliver with in reason or meet half way. 
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      Easy to play with a nice low-medium action, a comfy C-shaped neck and an instrument on light side for a Stingray, weighing in at 9lbs.
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      Serial number B023268
      Bass will be sold with a soft case.
      Priced at £1760 Including shipping, (fees/duty etc if applicable to your location are not included).

      For trades, only items I would be interested in would be either a Pre EB olympic white fretless Stingray or fretted Sabre.

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