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  1. Morado is another name for pau ferro. They are same wood.
  2. Killer neck would it be... like a highway.
  3. Wow, never seen that fingerboard version, mine has rosewood, same colour version, 5 str. And I love it too, using for 20 years... upgraded only the PUs with DiMarzios. Every band was crying for it, when I took something else to a gig.... Your luck is that I'm not interested in 4 str.... GLWTS!
  4. Amazing! I've seen it on Bass Gallery at the sold section... unfortunately, too less strings for me also. And that pricetag... I've seen there a black Metro M5-24 sold also, if is that yours too or if you know who's bought it, I'd gladly buy it that if it is for sale sometimes... GLWTS!
  5. Kudlaty, I think you have surely some red Ferraris also hiding somewhere in your garage...
  6. Man, I think you will sell these beauties hardly, because of these demos... nobody dares to test these after you...!
  7. A little bit tricky, If I remember correctly. I think you should search for edit or smthing like this button somewhere at the bottom of the advert, maybe? I don't have one right now, I'mnot sure just guessing.
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