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  1. Do you wanna do a big sale out? Or just one instrument have to go, any of your collection? I have a friend of mine living in Eaton, and now realised it's just a half an hour to go... 😈 I will face sleepless nights...
  2. Don't say, that you have 34" version to sell also...
  3. Wow, man, you are massively tempting me with your Laklands, really love the blue one also, but I prefer a maple fretboarded, and couldn't afford to collect more than needed... and here it is, my wish is fulfilled.. :DDD love the sound but I had some 35" basses recently, and can't decide it would be comfortable...
  4. Man!!! Your favourite red... stunnnnning!
  5. Wow man, number1 axe in number1 hands!!! Both of clips are masterpieces!!
  6. Not interested in this one, but I like your sensitive style... 👍 It is revealed after few notes again...
  7. Lovely stuff! Do you have any sound samples?
  8. Wow, thanks for the video, amazing sound and finish!! Mesmerizing...
  9. One more thing: how can you recognize which type of PU are there? They seem to have identical wood cover. Or maybe on their back are there some signs?
  10. If it is new Skyline, I think Indonesian made, right? I like its sound!! Check this out:
  11. Sorry, you're right, after sending I thought that it should have to be on PM.
  12. I almost had a gig in Rome... you need to last!! I wish good luck and so much strength! Amazing axe, by the way!
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