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  1. Wow! Hardly believe that this thing as old as me... wish I looked than this beauty...
  2. Cherryburst? It seems to me caramel rather than cherry. Lovely item, anyway.
  3. 650 £ really??? Original MTD? I don't know MTD models very well, but what I've seen so far they had 4 digit price minimum...
  4. Maple body? I'm curious how would it sounded..
  5. Hehe, I had a transparent blue one, MIJ TRB also, upgraded with EMG, but it has sold...
  6. Wow, alluring price! I'm searching for A4, are you willing for a personal pick up on an airport near London?
  7. Thanks! Pino is a monster, cool song!
  8. Hi. Couldn't find any sound samples, do you have some, plz? Or recordings. Standard MM sound or different a litl bit? THX! Lovely stuff!
  9. Wow, man, how many do you have left?? Where are you working, at the Fender's warehouse? A gorgeous one again...
  10. Hi, nice cover!! Is it flatwound set on it?
  11. Wow, lovely stuff! But it is 'Elite' series, isn't it? The upper category active JB, with blocks.
  12. Thx, I meant USA model, not location.
  13. Hi. Where are you located? EU? UK? Is the neck OK? Which year? Thx
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