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  1. Theres many ways to get past an A, plucking and pickup being obvious, using a low B string for the notes also helps it find the fundamental. Using digital pedals, 2 octavers in a row or a 2 octave down pedal or using some form of synth/synth effect all also work. But theres no reason it would ever be useful because its just pointlessly low frequencies for a pure sub sound, complete waste of time (and I use A LOT of synth sounds). A on the 10th fret of the B string is as low as I ever would want to go anyway, and when I do I just pluck carefully near the neck. Good choice on octaver though, its my favourite! If you would like I could explain how to get a more huge sub sound from effects and eq instead.
  2. Bought a pedal from SumOne. Great guy and communication, and pedal in great condition, packaged very well and arrived very quickly. Would definitely recommend.
  3. I recently got a DR high C single and Phil from strings direct was extremely kind and helpful, and was about to make the request to DR for me before finding a random one in their old stock and giving me the choice to buy it for a good price. Im definitely gonna be buying all my strings from them (only about two sets a year tho lol).
  4. I only use a fret wrap when I’m playing John Davis style dub bass because it allows me to tweak effects and perform more without having to prioritise constant perfect muting that would mess up the octave pedal tracking.
  5. 1. 5 blocks, so theres still 3 blocks left for amp, looper, eq or whatever. 2. Yes, I use the JG preset with the looper on a footswitch without losing much functionality at all. 3. Yes definitely. The stomp can do that easily, and the stomp xl just gives you more footswitches for increased switching options (although since you can assign multiple things to each footswitch I haven't found much need for that myself).
  6. Does it not put the sub octave out of tune which would be super muddy in a mix?
  7. That's probably the nicest looking board I've ever seen! I use the aguilar db751 when I'm not using my tonehammer amp though. I find the low and high cuts and the aguilar drive control enough to get a good warm sound from the digital emulation. Although I can see why you would want your own preamp and combining the hx stomp on a board is where it really shines.
  8. The title is incorrect, this is not a midi switch and so takes up the exp/fs input (plus all the midi switches available cost far more). Otherwise GLWS, this is a solid price for something that's already insane value for money.
  9. The 2 button footswitch will be using the tip of a trs cable for one switch and and ring for the other. An expression pedal will use one of the tip or ring. So you could use a trs Y cable to 2 tr jacks and have an expression pedal and 1 footswitch, or go midi if you really want more.
  10. Well when you consider a lot of the footswitch options that provide the same amount of options cost around 100-150 and you still have all the midi and exp 1 and 2. But ye I consider the stomp amazing value for money so this XL is firmly meh pricing to me.
  11. It actually hasn't, it's got the exact same processing power as the hx stomp. The latest update allowed 8 blocks but with no more processing power so any more than the originally intended 6 is often very limited to a few effects that need very little processing power, depending on the rest of the patch. This is exactly the same.
  12. For me it's Fingers plucking quite hard, sometimes jazz III pick Slightly dead roundwound strings Pretty high action Stingray special 5 H with treble cut on the eq Mxr bass octave deluxe for synthing Sometimes compression and drive from the hx stomp Either aguilar th500 with db112 or aguilar db751 model in the hx stomp for amp. And my ear is obsessed with low mids and sitting in the mix without stepping into other instruments territory, which definitely affects my gear and how I play.
  13. Theres also the option of putting a simple eq after the effects to boost bass frequencies back in, without taking up the second path. I heard Roy Mitchel Cardanas say in a JHS video he does that with physical pedals and on the hx you can use the bonus blocks from the new update since it takes up basically no processing power.
  14. My chain is stingray - mxr bass octave deluxe - hx stomp( compression - split into sub channel clean out to amp/di - wet channel - fx loop - bass big muff - fredric effects bug crusher - xerograph deluxe with expression pedal - back into hx - noise gate - lfo with 1 expression pedal for rate (and at some point gonna another expression pedal for mix) - a little bit of extra drive from teemah and out to the amp/di. Bwoah what a mouthful, and I still want to add a tc spark booster after the fuzz so I can boost before bit crushing without affecting the fuzz. I might make a post on here some time soon with my dubstep effects but for now, you can look at my instagram - instagram.com/joegwinnbass
  15. I use the Teemah! For almost all of my dirt needs. One of my favourite things about the helix is that everything works on bass as long as you add a clean path which pretty much all of my patches do. Plus there's loads of options for how you split how you blend back in, and now there's 8 blocks you can use a different eq and comp on each if you wish.
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