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  1. If it's the same adapter for the hx stomp I can ship you mine.
  2. Do you have a keys player making their own patches or potentially a guitar player who's not very good with using pedals in a live setting? I find they like to make sounds with way too much bass which then kill the actual bass. Especially because synth sounds are often lots of bass from octave and treble from drive but little mids. I think ls2 is a good suggestion and also I would say try playing nearer the bridge to get more mids in the sound and try to play always above or around the 12th fret. You can also try blending in some dry signal for a more cutting sound. Synth sounds can be a fickle thing so it is possible your drive just isn't working for the context and you need a different one. I have heard the mastotron is quite a bit weaker for synth sounds but I have no personal experience. I hope some of this helps.
  3. Definitely stopped making them years ago. Check out the iron ether xerograph deluxe for something very similar but smaller/less noise/cheaper and potentially more versatile. Otherwise go for the source audio C4 or hx stomp for digital low pass filter/envelope filter.
  4. It ain't the smallest because the mxr vintage bass octave is smaller and a direct clone of an original 'octaver' OC2. Although for the price I'm sure this can't be beat, GLWTS.
  5. Man I hope this is still here in about a month when I have the funds! I highly doubt it tho.
  6. Woo I'm so in! I'm pretty new to bass chat but I needed some anyway, orange is the best colour and I would prefer a basschat stamp than some random brand!
  7. I think a lot of it is that controls on the amp tend to be very broad and therefore in a sense more musical, at least more flexibility while staying musical. Where as stomp boxes often target a specific sound or frequency, which can be very helpful when you add the ability to switch on and off (even more so when you have a helix like me and can switch to different settings instead of just off). But ye I agree for the most part I stick to amp or preamp pedal eq.
  8. Not to make you all feel jealous, but I'm an introvert and I just finished my first year at a music degree that kept the standard of education the same despite lockdown so I've been loving the endless time to practice for a hopefully career in a few years time.
  9. Man I'm doing a degree in bass and my dream is just to make some of my living doing music. I don't really expect too much more in the current music industry. Being a musician is about enjoying yourself playing music, that's all that matters.
  10. Nah mate my fellow music students still do this then wonder why I can afford instruments and they can't lol.
  11. So you're saying I'm not silly for spending most of my student finance on bass gear and a nintendo switch? To be fair it's a bass degree so I'm calling it an investment anyway. Especially the switch.
  12. Ye I fell so so in love with the special the moment I tried one and I've barely stopped thinking about them 6 months later! Aqua sparkle is definitely one of my favourite finishes, although charcoal sparkle is what I will go for. Also gonna get a 5er because although I prefer 4, I don't ever want to have to not play it once I get it and 5 is to important.
  13. The fact that you have to have wah and volume makes it sound kind of not ideal for a bass player, the hx stomp on the other hand is the same price and in my opinion absolutely perfect for a bass player!
  14. Man how I wish I had the money for this right now. Good luck selling but if you somehow don't I'll be hitting you up in about 6 months!
  15. If you make more I'll buy one too!
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