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FS: Limelight Jazz Bass, Sherwood Green
Seaford, East Sussex

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I'm reluctantly selling my Limelight Jazz Bass, serial 00201, as I have another couple of jazzes & this is rather surplus to requirements.

This is a lovely example of Mark's work down at Cool & Classic guitars, a take in looks on a '75 but to me it feels more like a '62. Lovely to play, typical jazz sounds (the maple board making it sound edgier than my rosewoods) & it looks great with the matching headstock & tort scratchplate.

At present it's got a Babicz bridge on it (I put these on all my basses), which I think looks great as a contrast to the lightly-reliced body, but I can put the original back on if required; I'll include it anyway. It also has Schaller straplocks on it, again I can put the originals on if required.

Another nice thing, for me, is that the matching headstock has the Limelight logo instead of the usual Fender logo - I love Mark's basses (I've had 4) so I think this adds to rather than detracts from the overall look.

Collection from Seaford or around Brighton, I can deliver within a reasonable distance of either Seaford or Oxford, where I work during the week. I'd prefer not to have to post/courier, but try me (postage at purchaser's expense).

Thanks for looking!








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1 hour ago, Kirky said:

That's lovely.  I've got 0202 ('63 red fretless jazz).  

Excellent - I used to have 00103 ('59 Precision) & 00105 ('62 Jazz), I regret selling both but you can only have so many!! But I'm keeping 00135, a '60 jazz in Burgundy. Beautiful!

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OMG that's gorgeous! Lovely colour. Really works with the maple & blocks.


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7 hours ago, Marc S said:

OMG that's gorgeous! Lovely colour. Really works with the maple & blocks.


Yes, I was really taken by the colour & the matching headstock.

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7 hours ago, Isabass said:

very nice bass

what about the weight ?

I don't know exactly, no scales, sadly, but it's on the heavy side of a jazz, weighs similar to my '79 Precision, if that's any help? Not as heavy as a Sire Marcus Miller, but significantly heavier than my Maruszczyk Elwood.

Sorry I can't be more exact on this!

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On 04/03/2020 at 17:47, tobiewharton said:

This is glorious! 

It really is a lovely bass!!

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