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TRADED FS/FT: Chris Larkin ASAP-DBass5 Custom 5 string headless fretless 32"
High Wycombe


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Sadly i just don't use this very often...

Handmade in Ireland in 2017 by Chris Larkin (RIP), complete one-off ASAP-DBass5. Strung E-C, 32" scale, RMC piezos and preamp plus Lace Alumitone pickup. It has a 300 year old Irish Oak top, sycamore and cedar body, neck is a 9 piece laminate of hard maple, flamed maple and walnut stringers with carbon fibre rods either side of the trussrod, fretboard is rocklite (indistinguishable from ebony; ebony is endangered and Chris was very hot on sustainable manufacturing) , ABM tuners, 18mm string spacing. Currently has a mute fitted (non permanent, uses non-marking double sided tape and there are definitely no marks when it's off) but can easily be removed - I might keep the mute actually. One thing to be aware of is that my name is on the label that Chris put inside the soundhole; sadly I'm a nobody but you can always pretend I'm some famous but obscure Brazilian jazz bassist...

Comes with hard case - this is actually a Thomann 335 case that Chris customised with foam to make it fit perfectly. Also comes with an unworn Chris Larkin guitars t-shirt (size medium).

Sounds and plays fantastic but i just don't play it often enough - i use my NS design upright for all my fretless needs.

Cost me over €3k so am thinking around £2k but am open to offers. Ideally looking for a sale but could be convinced by a trade, only really play 5 string but might be tempted by a nice Precision (would have to have ashtrays and not be 3TSB) - I play a bit of guitar as well so could potentially be convinced by something nice.


PRICE DROP to £1800


NOW £1600 ono

Happy to answer any questions, would be happy to send all the build photos to any new owner as well.

Bass is in high Wycombe and i strongly encourage an in person visit to try it out. Could meet at a mutually agreed convenient location as well. Shipping is possible as well.


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Price drop
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