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Marc S

Further DROP + Trades: Yamaha TRB1005 (35" scale) with upgrades

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Price Drop Now £450

For sale: beautiful Yamaha TRB 1005 Active 5 string bass, in rather fetching Orange / Red (note: it's not one of the Japan models - they're now over £1K)

This bass has upgrades, in the form of a high mass bridge - with full adjustability including side-to-side for string spacing of your choice
It also has a Bartolini pre-amp (which is an improvement on the original)

I recently had a new jack socket fitted, and set-up at A-strings guitars in Treforest (near me). The bass is in lovely condition, with hardly any marks and no "dings" at all.
It sounds superb, with a great array of tones available. I'm not really a 5 string player, and this just isn't getting used.

Although I would prefer a straight sale, I have now added a few trade options - see last post
Am happy with cash balance either way - so I would add money for the right bass

Collection preferred, but we could perhaps meet up somewhere convenient (I've got a Roland battery amp and Vox Amphones - so you can hear this lovely bass) I can throw in a gigbag so you can get this bass home safely.

I have priced this bass to sell - as I have way too much stuff. At 500, it's already less than I paid for it, especially when including the work I've had done recently

TRB 1.jpg

TRB 2.jpg



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20 minutes ago, therealting said:

Fairly certain these are 35” scale

Apologies (evidence of my typing skills, or lack of!) - amended

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I've no 5 string now!! Wish I had the cash for this 😁

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Just adding a couple of pics, to show the neck width, at the nut and at 12th fret. Bear in mind though, the ruler is on top of the strings - I think the measurement is very slightly less than it may appear on these photos. (Using a slim, clear ruler which I could get under the strings - it appeared to be just a smidge over 41mm at the nut, and just under 63mm at the 12th)



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Just a note to say, I have now put this bass up for sale in a shop not far from me
(If you're anywhere nearby, and want to try this bass anytime - just drop me a PM and I'll let you have details of the shop,
as I'm not sure whether it's against forum rules to "advertise" a shop?). Obviously, it'll be more expensive in the shop, as they need to take some commission.

Anyhow, I hope I'm not now tempted to fill the space left by this bass.... with anything else! lol

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Temporarily dropping the price of this bass to £450. Something else has turned up which is tempting me...

If that sells, this bass will go back up to £475.
EDIT: Also, I may now consider a couple of trades against this bass
MIJ Fender Precision, or Earlier (Chinese) Squier Classic Vibe 70's P bass, or Squier CV Jazz (pref in White)

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    • By Quasar79
      I am selling my beautiful Yamaha TRB 5Pii with maple top. The bass has a few dings and dongs, but is electronic 100% (see pictures).
      The bass is all original, except the string tree, which is added by the previous owner.
      The bass isn't that long in my possession and was more of a 'once in a lifetime chance' to get to play this wonderfull and hard to find bass. But i don't take it as often as my Yamaha BB5000, which is a whole different peace of bass.
      The bass has a perfect B-string, low action and weights 4.8kg. It is a bit heavy, but the sound is enormous.
      I am asking 1600 pounds. I think this is a reasonable price, according to more sales on the internet. If not, please let me know!
      Looking for cash, but a trade + cash is also an option. Shipping is possible, i can find a case and i have a box. Pickup is possible in The Netherlands or Germany.

    • By willellisbass
      Up for sale is my mint condition Yamaha TRB-JP2 in the gorgeous Translucent Red colour.
      Bought brand new a few months back, only seen light home use. Selling to fund another bass buy.. same old problem! 
      Comes with hardshell case and case candy.
      Will sell for listed price or trade for a similar condition Yamaha BBNE2.
      Pickup in Hull.
      Specs are listed below, any questions give me a shout! 
      Construction - Bolt-on
      Scale Length - 35" (889mm)
      Fingerboard - Ebony
      Radius - 40" (1000mm)
      Frets - 26
      Body - Figured Maple/Ash/Alder/Maple
      Neck - Maple
      Bridge - Solid Brass
      Pickups - Side by Side Double Balancer, 3 Band EQ
      Controls - Master Volume, Pickup Balancer, 3 Band EQ

    • By Hellzero
      STATUS GRAPHITE S2 Classic 5 Headed Through-neck, the very one tested by the German magazine Gitarre&Bass in November 2000.
      For sale only as I'm thinning down the herd (again).
      Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £1750 GBP !!!
      In fully working condition and in excellent overall condition.
      Here are the specifications :
      Body : mahogany with black pin-stripe and book-matched burl maple facings
      Neck : through-neck woven graphite with walnut center tone-block
      Fingerboard : phenolic resin with side and front dots (no LED's)
      Frets : 24 jumbo (very very little wear)
      Headstock : 3 + 2 shape (angled)
      Pickups : 2 Status Hyperactive High Resolution soapbars
      Preamp : Status board-301 (18 Volts)
      Controls : blend, master volume, treble cut/boost, midrange frequency, bass cut/boost, midrange boost/flat/cut switch (see pictures for full specifications)
      Tuners : Gotoh GB-7
      Bridges : separate ABM 3D locking
      Strings spacing at bridge : 18 mm
      Nut : phenolic resin
      Strings spacing at nut : 9.5 mm
      Knobs : original metal and plastic (see Gitarre&Bass test)
      Scale : 34 3/4 inches or 880 mm as it's a headed Status
      Hardware colour : gold (tarnished on the tuners and parts of the bridge)
      Truss rod : 1 dual action (fully working)
      Finish : amber burst, hand polish gloss polyester lacquer
      Land of craftsmanship : England
      Serial number : 02002542
      Year : February 2000
      Weight : 4.7 kilos
      Action : from 1.5 mm under the G string to 2 mm under the B string at 12th fret (can go lower, but was perfect for me)
      Will come with the original Status/Hiscox hard case.
      Non-smoking environment as usual.
      I'm only selling this bass because I'm thinning down the herd as I've just acquired an S2 headed fretless, which suits my taste better than the fretted.
      This bass was bought new by a friend of mine by Music Store in Köln (paid by his wife : some guys are lucky) on the 2nd of December 2000 (original invoice will be delivered) ! He then asked Christophe LEDUC to put some front dots as there are only side dots.
      Here is the link to the Status Graphite main specifications : http://www.status-graphite.com/status/frames/index_home.html
      The bass has been fully set up professionally by Christophe LEDUC. It has two new batteries and is fitted with a (now) used set of Elixir nickel plated Nanoweb coating strings (45 - 65 - 80 - 100 - 130tw), which fit the bass to perfection.
        What you see is what you get !
      Look at the pictures taken under different angles to see the real condition : almost in new condition with the very few visible light dings photographed, the most important ones being on the headstock (bloody low ceilings). The lower milky line on the headstock photo is a reflection of the case lining.
      Don't hesitate to ask for more.

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