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Further DROP + Trades: Yamaha TRB1005 (35" scale) with upgrades

Marc S

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Price Drop Now £450

For sale: beautiful Yamaha TRB 1005 Active 5 string bass, in rather fetching Orange / Red (note: it's not one of the Japan models - they're now over £1K)

This bass has upgrades, in the form of a high mass bridge - with full adjustability including side-to-side for string spacing of your choice
It also has a Bartolini pre-amp (which is an improvement on the original)

I recently had a new jack socket fitted, and set-up at A-strings guitars in Treforest (near me). The bass is in lovely condition, with hardly any marks and no "dings" at all.
It sounds superb, with a great array of tones available. I'm not really a 5 string player, and this just isn't getting used.

Although I would prefer a straight sale, I have now added a few trade options - see last post
Am happy with cash balance either way - so I would add money for the right bass

Collection preferred, but we could perhaps meet up somewhere convenient (I've got a Roland battery amp and Vox Amphones - so you can hear this lovely bass) I can throw in a gigbag so you can get this bass home safely.

I have priced this bass to sell - as I have way too much stuff. At 500, it's already less than I paid for it, especially when including the work I've had done recently

TRB 1.jpg

TRB 2.jpg



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Just adding a couple of pics, to show the neck width, at the nut and at 12th fret. Bear in mind though, the ruler is on top of the strings - I think the measurement is very slightly less than it may appear on these photos. (Using a slim, clear ruler which I could get under the strings - it appeared to be just a smidge over 41mm at the nut, and just under 63mm at the 12th)



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Just a note to say, I have now put this bass up for sale in a shop not far from me
(If you're anywhere nearby, and want to try this bass anytime - just drop me a PM and I'll let you have details of the shop,
as I'm not sure whether it's against forum rules to "advertise" a shop?). Obviously, it'll be more expensive in the shop, as they need to take some commission.

Anyhow, I hope I'm not now tempted to fill the space left by this bass.... with anything else! lol

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Temporarily dropping the price of this bass to £450. Something else has turned up which is tempting me...

If that sells, this bass will go back up to £475.
EDIT: Also, I may now consider a couple of trades against this bass
MIJ Fender Precision, or Earlier (Chinese) Squier Classic Vibe 70's P bass, or Squier CV Jazz (pref in White)

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