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Al Krow

Two of the very best 112 cabs available today?

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Came across this 3way 12" cab in the FS thread. I've not come across this cab before and can't seem to find too much online from a quick search.

Anyone got a bit more detail / experience about them - I guess @Matte_black who owns this would be a good person to start by asking! 

I'm guessing just based on the quality head it's been paired with, it's a great cab! 

Wondering what sort of price / where buy from / spec / and how they stack up against the cabs in the OP?


[Update: these 3way cabs seem to be a DIY kit, so going to be beyond the capabilities of a happy amateur like me! :) ]


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It look similar to a fearful 12-6-1 but just looking at the mid and HF drivers it's a lookalike.

Fearful speaker are not difficult to build and would certainly give you what you are looking for in terms of performance that's for certain. 



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