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  1. One lady owner, a nun she was ,even left a bible in the glove box....
  2. I should be there, with all the normal stuff, some of which maybe for sale. Jim.
  3. I'm on the fence with this but I am also in daily contact with 7-9 jobs a day in social housing so my risk factor is high and my wife is on a lot of immune suppressants, on balance I think a postponement is probably the best thing but who really knows it is still a flue virus nothing more, but those with breathing or immune issues are always at risk.
  4. I will be there for the apple pie if nothing else, I will bring the same old stuff as nothing has changed. I may put a few bits up for sale which may include a boss gt6b effect peddle and possibly my fearful 15 sub. See you all there. Jim.
  5. Don't forget greenboy cabs, tricky audio is worth a look.
  6. Well done the cabs really coming on. Ref tuffcab , it is really good stuff and easy to work with, but if you go for a stippled finish absolutely everything sticks to it and can be a sod to remove and you end up with a fluffy cab. If that's what you want then try applying it quite thick with a Brush then just gently roll over the top after a few minutes with a roller, that will leave you a finish I think your looking for.
  7. If there are advantages and there are many who say theres none, its in a one speaker for one job scenario. Woofer, mid ,high kind of thing leading to a more balanced spread from the cabinet, but this involves a much more complicated crossover and not many boutique companies are willing to spend that given the return that it would generate. But time and trend moves on and with more capable mid/ tweeters coming to the market then the need for 3 way cabinets and the complex crossovers are becoming less when a 2 way can do the job while maintaining good dispersion angles. Jim.
  8. Hi all, Just thought I'd drop in with my tuppence worth about cabs etc. Firstly I am no expert in this field, I am in fact just a bass player like us all , but some of the guys here really do know what they are talking about when it come to cabs etc. I built my fearful 15/6/1 a good few years ago now and while cabinet design has moved on ,I'm am still very happy with it, in fact I have come to realise that I am quite spoilt with the performance it gives me. But it also a good benchmark to use against other cabinets although its clarity and brute power are not everyone's taste, also it's a fairly large cabinet. Move on a few years and we have Greenboy's fearless range , much more compact yet still able to produce a stupid amount of bottom end combined with the response and dispersion of the earlier designs. The latest version of the basschat cab was to my mind simply marvellous considering it's a 2 way cabinet and up against some serious kit in the blind test including a fearless F112 and a barefaced cab, yet it was not left wanting for anything. After the test I noodled around with both of the current Basschat cabs, and while they differed slightly they both took EQ very well which is a very important quality that a lot of big name manufacturers cabs do not , all while fitting the current trend for smaller cabinets. In a nutshell given the totally different design to the fearful/ fearless offerings the basschat cab is going to be a bit of a shocker to the community especially as Stevie has tweaked the crossover a little since as it really is as good as cabs costing many times more, and you get to build it yourself, I'm mean what more could you want. Jim.
  9. I might be interested Phil. My mobile number is 07881818861. Jim.
  10. Yep yet another great day with some old faces and new, a massive thank you to the organisers and crew but mostly to Mrs scrumpy and co for the lovely food and non stop tea. The range of kit was fantastic, although I didn't play the Gillet instruments purly to protect my wallet after trying some at LBGS a few years ago. I think Steveie and Phil need an extra mention for the great work that's being done with the 12 cab, in my humble opinion it's ready to be released to the public in its current form. So basically see you all there next year. Jim.
  11. Have you decided what route your going to take yet ?
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