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case for a bass


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I couldn't find a suitable case for my Ibanez Artcore AGBV 200. It is semi acoustic, so quite wide, and short scale. 

Bought some 3.6 ply, and some 95 x 12 pine and some 44 x 12 pine. I got this from a local timber merchant, but it's still bent and twisted, as you can see from the photos. I can't straighten it, so used the best bits and will sand off the worst bits at the end.

Drew around the bass, allowing for adding some foam. I had to plane down the 95 to 62 so the case wasn't too deep. Cut the ply, stuck on the sides to make the bottom half.





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Many years ago, when I was funding my bass playing with my paper round money, I used to make my own cases. I just made rectangular boxes of sufficient depth for the bass plus foam & lining (old curtains!), but I made it as a one piece sealed unit, then marked a line around it where the top and bottom would separate, and before sawing them apart, screwed the catches and hinges in place, then removed them, separated the lid from the case, did the interior, then put the hinges and catches back knowing it would all line up. They were never the best looking cases around, but they kept my precious Framus Jazz bass and others in decent condition.

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I made one as a school project, but forgot when I put the handle on that when it had a bass in it that the point of balance would be different from the empty box.  I didn't use it very much...

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36 minutes ago, fryer said:

I've had a notification that 2 people 'reacted' to this post. But there's nothing here. What does 'reacted to' mean ?

Means they ‘liked’ it basically. Bottom right if any post there are options to react, happy, sad, thanks, like etc. Understandably you have several ‘love’ reactions to your case 🙂 

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Success!  Nice job, and no doubt gave a lot of satisfaction.

I made one for my long scale Vintage acoustic - huge beast, as all I could find to fit was the unpadded flimsy bag it came with.

I made it as a closed box, then cut the 'lid' off.  I used an old sepele door facing for top and bottom, and "bendy" MDF for the sides, which enabled me to get away from the straight sided coffin shape. 

For the padding, I made a bottom layer of expanding foam then VERY carefully wrapped the bass in cling film, and filled around the bass body with the foam.  For the lid padding, I just used a sheet of sponge/sawbo.  I included an accessory compartment, which also served as an extra neck support.

Mrs B then helped, covering the padding with velvety cloth (like a real case!), and she also made a leatherlook vinyl skin cover, proper double stitching at the joins, etc  which we stuck on. (she does a lot of sewing!).

Looked very professional, even if I say so myself, but unfortunately weighed a ton and was too large to go in the boot of my then car......

Wish I had pics, but I don’t, as I sold it some years ago.

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