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Cheap Sound Module?

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I bought my daughter an M Audio Hammer 88 to continue with her keyboard grades.  This is a good quality budget controller, with no inbuilt sounds.  The plan was to use my old laptop with the free stuff that comes with the keyboard as a sound source.  And indeed, it sounds great like this, particularly the DB-33 organs etc.  However, not it is not conducive to domestic bliss.  The complaint is: too many many wires, computer encroaches on space, takes too long to fire up, she'll just go onto Youtube etc etc. 

So, whats the absolute cheapest way of getting some sounds out of it without using the computer?  There seem to be new modules on ebay for £60 or so, or alternatively I could buy an old module at the same sort of price.  Any thoughts?  I just want something small and discrete that will make it work simply like her old keyboard.

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I used a Yamaha TG100 sound module for many years - it is small and neat and you may find one secondhand. That will still require wiring.... a wall wart, a midi cable and a headphone cable - so you are not wires-free..... I imagine that you chose the Hammer 88 because of the weighted keys, which are definitely required for serious piano students, but the lack of on-board sounds is a real downer. Could you consider selling p/x your keyboard for something like a Yamaha P-45 which I think is a very similar action ?  Best of luck, whatever you decide.

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