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  1. I wish I had waited now and not got the Lomenzo Hyperdrive Interested in any trades?
  2. I so wish I had the money to blow on this
  3. I have just got one of these pedals, and after flicking throguh some of James' own settings I found on the website, I am loving it. Really, I was wondering if anybody else who has one of these has found a setting that they really love. Anybody out there got one and wants to share with the group?
  4. Hey everyone, I've been a bit of a lurker on here for sometime, but have starter coming on here more and more (mainly to oggle at people's basses and pedalbaords) A little about me: I'm 17, I LOVE playing bass. I have been playing for about 6 years now and have recently gotten into using effects, mainly becasue of the band I am with (the singer is a Muse addict ) I currently have a Hutchins Chandler Semi-Solid 4 String and a Short Scale Squire Bronco that I used as a yearbook when I left secondary school, so is covered in signatures. I'm running an ever growing pedalboard into an Ashdown EB15-180W combo amp. The board currently looks like this: Bass -> Boss TU-2 -> EHX Bass Big Muff -> EHX Knockout -> Boss BF-2 -> Boss CEB-3. I recently purchased an Ashdown Lomenzo Hyperdrive (from the classifieds on here) and am currently debating whether to put it before or after the BBM. My dream bass is a Musicman Stingray 5 HH in Pacific Blue Burst with a rosewood fretboard running into an Ampeg SVT via a rather large (yet well thought out pedalboard). Currently, I am in a kind of ''Pop-Punk'' band and we are currently playing mainly covers, but we have two (very bass orientated) songs in production at the moment. Really, I just want a place where I can chat to people who actually appreciate bass as an amazing instrument. Cheers for reading =) Keep keeping the low end alive, Bruce
  5. [quote name='er20ic' post='815235' date='Apr 22 2010, 05:29 PM']As new (box a bit scruffy), never gigged. Very good versatile sound, true bypass, well built piece of kit but don't use it enough. £35 posted. [attachment=48047:jolo.jpg][/quote] Message sent
  6. I love mine to bits But, since getting my EHX Knockout and placing it after it, I have found that there are so many more posibilities opened up. So, if I were you, I would get both (if you have the budget). I generally use my BBM with the volume at 12 and the tone and the sustain at 1:30. Then I have the Knockout with the low at about 11, the dry turned almost right down and the high at about 1. THis gets a good Muse Time is Running Out / Hysteria kinda sound Hope that helps
  7. My EHX Knockout never gets turned off, but the dry is turned right down when the Bass Big Muf is on before it
  8. [quote name='Pkomor' post='796727' date='Apr 5 2010, 04:49 PM']If your still in school, you get the school to place the order for you (legally! theres a scheme to help students get instruments!), then you dont have to pay VAT [/quote] I'm at college ... Would that work?
  9. [quote name='Sean' post='796621' date='Apr 5 2010, 01:52 PM']One major thing to consider with any custom ordered factory built instrument is weight. Factory builds tend not to get the hand selected wood and it can be a bit of a lottery with how heavy the instrument ends up being. I used to have an SR5 that weighed 11 lbs and so I got rid of it. IME Stingrays vary in weight quite a bit. When I had two Lakland DJ4s one was 1 3/4 lbs heavier than the other and this made a huge difference to the playability on a long rehearsal or gig.[/quote] I have just had a Private Message on Talkbass.com saying the same thing about the weight. I understand that there is a huge possibilty that the bass will be rather heavy, but I really have my heart set on it. If worst comes to the worst, I have to sit on my amp
  10. [quote name='theosd' post='796581' date='Apr 5 2010, 01:28 PM']Yeah. Having owned a Ray 5 - now sold on ebay but still awaiting payment - with a rosewood board and having played the other it just sounded better to my ears.[/quote] Do you mean the maple sounded better? I suppose it's all a matter of personal preference
  11. [quote name='theosd' post='796576' date='Apr 5 2010, 01:21 PM']True, but my opinion is that if you want to maximise the Stingray's potential for bitey tones then this is the way to go. f you're buying one for smooth, polite noises then why are you buying one?? =][/quote] I know that the maple would allow for that extra 'bite', but I've had both maple and rosewood fretboards in the past, and just generally prefered the rosewood. I don't know what it was, but I just prefer Rosewood
  12. I have no idea which colour pickguard to go for. Any suggestions as to what would look good with PBB and Rosewood?
  13. [quote name='Hutton' post='796564' date='Apr 5 2010, 01:15 PM']If you want a rosewood fretboard go for a rosewood fretboard. If you listen to all the preferences expressed on these forums you'll never end up ordering your bass at all! For every person who says one thing is best there will be another with the opposite opinion. Stick to your own thoughts for your dream bass!![/quote] I know to go with what I want, but I was just curios to know whether he was ssaying go for maple for aesthetics or for another reason. I know that I would prefer the Rosewood (especially with the Pacific Blue Burst), but was willing to listen to anothers opinions. Readin back on this, it sounds quite b*tchy, but i did not intend for it to sound so
  14. [quote name='theosd' post='796555' date='Apr 5 2010, 01:08 PM']Go for a maple fingerboard with these IME.[/quote] Why do you say go for the Maple board?
  15. [quote name='Pete Academy' post='796552' date='Apr 5 2010, 01:05 PM']Where are you based?[/quote] I am near Fareham
  16. I have been told my parents and grandparents that when I go to University, they will buy me a Music Man Stingray 5, as I have been wanting one for about 2 years now. I was wondering if anybody knew where I could order one to the specs that I want (i.e. colour, set-up, etc.) as I think that If I have to wait to get it, the least I could have is the bass I really want. If it helps, I want a Stingray 5 HH in Pacific Blue Burst with a Rosewood Fretboard and a matching headstock. Anybody know where I can order one from?
  17. [quote name='bartelby' post='772038' date='Mar 11 2010, 07:57 PM']Have you considered he may not be near a computer at the moment?[/quote] I sent a Pm to him and he replied with _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Does that mean it is not available? I have no idea?
  18. [quote name='Pete Academy' post='771661' date='Mar 11 2010, 02:45 PM']E/H Knockout. Never used. Boxed. £30 delivered.[/quote] Is this still available? I ask as you have not answered my PM saying whether or not it is
  19. [quote name='Pete Academy' post='771661' date='Mar 11 2010, 02:45 PM']E/H Knockout. Never used. Boxed. £30 delivered.[/quote] PM'd
  20. More than anything, I wnated to know which pedals had LEDs other than red. Which pedal has a yellow LED?
  21. I have noticed on many of the Post Your Pedalboard threads that people often include 'Night shots' of their boards and that the majority of the pedals have red LED's. Are there any pedals of note that have different coloured LEDS? Any and all suggestions are welcomed
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