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  1. In fact, I think I went to one of their gigs. I came back humming the lights.
  2. I wonder if that's hard to play.... ...cos it's damn hard to listen to.
  3. What's not to like... cheeky wink for the lick.
  4. The UI16 is the result of a buy out of SM Pro - you may have seen the uMix mixers. I think Soundcraft needed a mixer to fill the digital market quick and that was their way of doing it - buy it rather than develop it. As a mixer, the HTML interface is appealing as it's then platform agnostic as far as controllers are confirmed. You could run it from a browser running on a Raspberry Pi for example... but apart from that, I've never really warmed to it as a unit. If you are looking for simplicity and function, it's probably not a bad bet though.
  5. Is anybody actually buying those grim BTB basses?
  6. And it’s a completely valid, safe solution. And easier than changing pots.
  7. There’s nothing wrong with servisol cleaner. WD40 on the other hand...
  8. How to service an amp: Unscrew covers. If there's open slots in the pots, squirt some servisol into them... give them a good rotate. (This step is completely optional) Give the amp a good vacuum and make sure any fans are free of dust. Reassemble. Done. Collect £50. EDIT: if you are servicing a combo, you may want to tighten everything to ensure no rattles.
  9. I actually checked out their (slow) webpage and the M3 got my interest. It's basically a rip of the Wireless Rode Go (just under 150 quid). Can't find anywhere selling it though to get a price!
  10. Pretty accurate to the <2.9ms specs.
  11. So many questions on those... Dynamic range is pretty low ~90dB. Analogue systems tend to be around 100dB and digital 120dB. Are these things analogue or digital? The dynamic range would suggest analogue... but the fact that there is a latency even registering in the ms range would suggest digital. Typically analogue systems would be measuring latency in µs. Things in channel 70 are typically analogue. Simultaneous broadcasts on 100 channels? Huh? Analogue wise, you can only fit 4 intermod frequencies in channel 70. If you were to use a high density mode (like on the top end digital stuff, that crams 63 channels at 1mW within 8Mhz of spectrum... (more channels, yet reduced range)) you'd only get 15 units in the 863-865mhz space. The output power being advertised on these work out to be circa 31mW. If they work, they work - although check out the compander, (assuming that this is an analogue unit) especially on bass, as it can destroy your lows and make the high end brittle and harsh. Some prime BS in this marketing I think.
  12. I'm not sure Tata would agree with you. I'm sure they're very much about the ownership.
  13. Ah you're right. They're Indian!
  14. You just been fished. And that's why some people are great at social media. They know how to push people's buttons.
  15. That is a really neat solution. Most 12v laptop supplies give you [email protected] so splitting that out to the block you posted and then the other split to the DHA sounds bang on the money. How about a buck transformer - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401569620058?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=401569620058&targetid=1278608951176&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=1007151&poi=&campaignid=12126090633&mkgroupid=123610917838&rlsatarget=pla-1278608951176&abcId=9300481&merchantid=7254364&gclid=Cj0KCQjw--GFBhDeARIsACH_kdaDOlfLNjOVFuqnoqLND1NQA-0afP3zq_gRTmbZFG__-MMbBZTkCvUaAilDEALw_wcB - split into that... into the tuner and then power daisy chained from the tuner output DC socket to the compressor.
  16. And by playing them badly (we all know that he can play like a beast) - he's started conversation. Engagement. Views. Money. Brilliant move.
  17. This looks like a clueless somebody who has commissioned a custom bass... Sometimes a blank canvas is not in your best interest...
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