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  1. I had a hell of a game on a £1100 claim. Put it like this, absolutely everything is stacked against you. Bouncing emails, out of office messages with no forwarding addresses, their own valuation figures based on items that have no resemblance to those lost etc etc... Absolute hell.
  2. I was referring to the Donner power supply - if the input is 18v DC being powered off the battery which the OP is talking about, there's only one transformer or regulator in play to bring it down the 9v. I would be very surprised if you have any noise problems with that as there is no AC transformer in play. I get what you're saying saying though - but unbalanced runs from a pedalboard are unlikely to be a problem (and the most likely candidate would be a long cable run from your cable to the board, or board to your amp) and if you have noise leakage on a battery supplied source from a digital delay, there's a fundamental problem with the screening in the design of the pedal. Ive yet to find a noisy pedal battery powered board - whether it's all powered from one unit... or all units individually powered. It's ok to say "it's possible" - but in reality, it's not going to be a problem.
  3. What a world we live in, still insuring against a courier... when the liability should really land with the courier and their own insurance.
  4. Oh come on, it was close enough for Gavin to bag Kurt's beau... before he moved back to Gwen.
  5. When you are working entirely with DC, noisy grounds are not going to be a problem. In the DC world, I'd would argue isolation doesnt really bring anything to the party.
  6. It's one of those things where you definitely get what you pay for. Stereo is superb - I can understand why you want it... but as you say, to get anywhere near wired, you are looking at spending quite a bit of cash to get in the ballpark. If you can find a EW300 G2 it would do - it's essentially the same although the G3 uses the headphone cable as an additional antenna. I've got G2s and G3, I would have no problem deploying either. In reality, as long as you have decent line of sight between receiver and transmitter, you'd be hard pushed (e.g. you won't) find any tangible different. PSM300 (with premium pack) is a good call - but again, the restriction of tuning makes it less appealing if you are planning on using multiple wireless units... especially from different brands. PSM200 is trash - don't bother entertaining it. That's about as far as I would go as recommendations - and digital options are mono (not including the Lectrosonics Duet - but that's some serious money) and you are adding latency into the mix. I've found something EW wise though... I'll send you a link.
  7. Ooh! How does it compare to the M82 do you know? The M82 is one of my fave pedals but am always interested in hearing about alternatives!
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. There’s P basses... and boutique P basses. Functionally, they do the same thing... except some just feel nicer and have a better finish.
  10. It's the definition of a P bass. Sounds sh*t until you put it into a band.
  11. No hurting here. I haven’t bought a bass for over ten years, I just play what I have and continue to play and develop to the best of my ability. There’s a lot to say for knowing your own bass inside our. But for others, there’s plenty of people of people that the gear is a big aspect of their hobby - secondary to the playing. And that’s cool. As for the bike thing - I also know plenty of people that own all the bikes and the Lycra... let clock up less than 50 miles a year. Again, bragging rights can be more of the appeal than the actual using of the stuff they have.
  12. You don't have to be a great driver to want to own a nice car. You don't have to be a olympian to own a carbon fibre cycle. Why should you buy designer clothes when the high street will do? You don't have to leave a snarky comment when you could just scroll past. (yes, I see the irony)
  13. Especially for you. There's something innocently wonderful about seeing these chaps get introduced to Phil.
  14. It's just so odd. Long Distance Transmission: this wireless guitar system adopts 24bit/48kHz sampling frequency, 30-16KHz frequency response range, and can reaches a 164ft long transmission range, without signal loss and no lag, instant fidelity, drastically pure the tone, delay<1ms <1ms would make it the market leader. But this could mean just the transmission element with out the 2xDAC processes. But even the <= 2ms latency (to include the DAC conversions) is mind blowing for the price. I'm not saying it's not possible... but I'm certainly skeptical. And the cramming in of 100 frequencies - I'm know that's possible if you are taking up a large amount of spectrum, but 863-865 (which is what I assume that it's using), is not a large amount of spectrum. So it could be true - but running them in the UK could be highly illegal if they are not in 2.4, 5 or 863-865 portion of the spectrum. It makes no mention of shared mic license... and trying to mass produce wireless for non 2.4 or 5 for worldwide use... well, it's not going to fly... from a legal viewpoint. Oh hang on - in one of the pics it says 500-940 - which would explain the 100 channels... but would also make it highly illegal in the UK from a radio broadcasting point of view The amazon questions section makes for entertaining reading. So many numbskulls. The mind boggles.
  15. A hard cut, or like a fm radio cutting in and out? Digital would hard cut, analogue will get the fuzzies. Im guessing that this unit is analogue if the drop outs are not hard cuts.
  16. Was the drop out a clean drop out, or a fuzzy drop out?
  17. I dont get the obsession with Rhythm Stick. I must be on my own.
  18. Whats the jack look like on the Elrick. Lets see if we can identify it so we can look at it's construction and attempt to figure out what is unique about it that causes this drop out.
  19. So many parallels! Thunderbird - too right. Look good on everybody but me. And yeah, totally uncomfortable for me - they are never going to balance due to the strap position. Defo a "look" bass as opposed to being comfortable. Rickys- that about sums them up. Like playing a broom, look great... but that's about it... sadly. Jaydee. They look so dated. Dont really get them... Yet loads of people said that I should get one. Never really given them a chance... but never really dug on the MK link. Having said that, an old teacher of mine has a Calibas - really plain... that looked great and sounded great. I want to hear a King Bass without stupid 30s on... so it could potentially sound like a bass as opposed to a typewriter. I am quite drawn to Status but had a bad experience which means I'm not likely to ever go there. Modulus and Gould have gone silly money too... I just like the idea of quite a dinky bass.
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