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  1. If I hadn't just lose 2 months of gigs, I'd have grabbed this. Great basses for the money.
  2. What is the weight of the bass only please ?
  3. Very tempting! Had one of the older black models and really miss it.
  4. Wow! Played a few W & T basses and loved them. This is stunning.
  5. Hope this is around after the festive season. Been looking around for a mayo.
  6. Let me know if you would consider posting, cheers.
  7. Always wanted a Dolphin. I assume it's pretty heavy ? The two I tried were lovely but super heavy.
  8. I had one of these & sold it to a student. Really great bass. Is the switch a retro fit ?
  9. Wow. This is just beautiful. If it had 24 frets, I'd be all over it. Lovely cat as well.
  10. Super tempting. Had one a while back and loved it but it was way heavier than this one, so I sold it.
  11. Great basses. Had one for a short while. Very curious how the ACG upgrade sounds.
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