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  1. Great basses. Had one for a short while. Very curious how the ACG upgrade sounds.
  2. This is the perfect PJ IMO. Wish I had some funds at the mo. If it's still around in a month or two.....
  3. Fantastic little bass amp. I’ve owned since new. Home use only. Bought with the possible intention of busking but never got round to it. Great for home practise & never felt the need to go over halfway with the volume as it fills the room nicely. Very good condition apart from a few scratches of the back. Includes original box and Power. Will consider postage. Cheers.
  4. Beautiful bass. Wish I had some funds.
  5. Stunning basses.
  6. Opened them up & checked the players choice code. All good. Cheers.
  7. Surely this would be null if the seal to the box has already been broken and re-sealed with crappy glue ? Are the strings also inside a sealed baggy with serial inside that ?
  8. Definitely glue & I've picked a tiny bit off and it's also definitely there to glue down the seal. Does not seem normal.
  9. Hi, I bought a set of D’addario EXL165 strings on amazon uk this week. Just wanted to know if they are legit or not. There’s a long blob of glue sealing the pack at the back and wondered if this is normal ? It looks to me like they have possibly been opened and then sealed back up badly ? Not used these strings before so this glue blob thingy may be normal ? I’ve attached two pictures. Also contacted D'addario to see what they think. Cheers.
  10. I'm very interested. Do you know the weight. I hear the newer BB's are lighter than the older ones, which are heavy.
  11. Sharay Reed Masterclass Ticket for sale. I'm no longer able to attend so have a spare ticket for sale. Open to offers. Cheers.
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