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  1. Picture of the head against my LB30 to Further indicate size. The gain is a nice option to give a bit of breakup, the chorus is an alternative to practice with but won’t replace your dedicated pedals.
  2. Dave has just left with my Lodestone Prototype bass! Very easy to deal with,. Thanks Mike
  3. The bass is passive, controls are vol, vol, bass, treble. picture of control cavity below the nut is 42mm and it weighs in at 4.2kg
  4. I am selling this recently acquired bass due to another unexpected lockdown spending spree, I have just bought an arcade cabinet and need to cover that outlay and some anticipated refurb costs! Bass is in decent condition, fully functioning, but some tarnishing to the tuners. I purchased this bass direct from Ashdown here: https://ashdownmusic.com/collections/b-stock/products/prototype-lodestone-4-string-bass-b-stock I purchased this because I wanted to try the lodestone body shape and it was a good chance to get hold of a Sims built bass. The bass is 34” scale from nut to bridge. 4.2kg on the bathroom scales and 42mm at the nut. There are no marks on the body of the bass near the controls I just have very shiny knobs. Selling for the price I paid £200 plus £20 delivery, pickup is a possibility.
  5. Only purchased in the last couple of weeks, bought it as a practice option to my Little Bastard valve head as this has aux in and headphone out, ideal for practice. However this has been used for all of 10 minutes as not long after the purchase I had an opportunity to pick up an Ashdown B-Social combo this does everything the Valeton was purchased for. It is as new condition complete with all packaging. £90 includes delivery FEATURES : ● Compact, flexible single-channel bass amp head ● Pure analog preamp design with super wide tonal range ● Max. 20W output power ● AUX IN jack for playing with your favorite backing tracks ● Phones jack with built-in cab simulator ● Built-in chorus expands your sound dimensions ● FX Loop for expanded effects ● 4/8 Ohms compatible speaker output ● 18V DC power supply
  6. Thanks for your help Andy, problem was that i was selecting express delivery on a UK order which creates the mad quotes. Leaving it at standard delivery kept a sensible £14 delivery and the estimated delivery is still one business day.
  7. Yes, have included dimensions but price is set at £378, might have to get in touch with them
  8. When making a UK to UK delivery and choosing express delivery, I presume the delivery price of 200 euros is presuming delivery to mainland EU and not within the uK? Is it possible to get a quote via the site for express uk delivery?
  9. I have been asked earlier if I could post to Germany, I am happy to post to mainland EU for £60,. Thanks
  10. Selling my Sterling by Musicman Ray34 in natural. It is in excellent condition and comes with gigbag. Bass is great, only selling to cover unexpected bass and Ashdown purchase. Delivery is available at £25, I have some shipping boxes and enough bubble wrap to make it secure.
  11. I saw that, missed out on it! So Mark sorted a black one.
  12. I ordered a bsocial, had one before and sold it, regretted it. Got it with red grill cloth too. Looks good, arrives tomorrow.
  13. Thanks for the advice, tried a couple of more cables, tried to brush and blow the sockets. Dropped ash down an email directly too
  14. Hello All, After a long while I decided to plug into the LB30 for a change instead of using headphones. When I power on I just get a an electrical interference sound, tried multiple cables and different sockets. the sound is not so pronounced if I disable the bass shift on the eq. All valve are 🔥. Any ideas if this Would this be a head or cab issue? thanks IMG_5830.MOV IMG_5828.MOV
  15. I snagged this one: https://guitarvillage.co.uk/products/squier-classic-vibe-50s-precision-bass-2-tone-sunburst
  16. Added pictures of the innards of the bass as requested in support of its original state
  17. Musik Produktiv have the Ashdown BSocial lite for £180 - https://reverb.com/item/6883349-ashdown-b-social-lite-bl Its quite a discount, only used the larger B-social which I liked, have had no direct experience with the lite version.
  18. If sending without a case I have ore than enough bubble wrap to cover the bass several times over along with other packaging materials. This will be housed in a modified/cutdown bike box mummified to within an inch of its life in gaffa tape. As bombproof as you can get with bubble wrap, cardboard and gaffa tape
  19. Reduced to £500 collected without case, £525 with case. £35 courier for delivery
  20. Thanks Andy, really appreciate the information.
  21. The one on mine is a separate component, so an after market change then.
  22. Thanks T-Bay, agreed things can/will change over that time, I certainly have! I was just wondering whether its worth bringing up with the seller? It was sold as original but isn't. Cheers
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