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  1. I took advantage of the offer and bought the 2x10 Puma combo. I have what is possibly a daft question. This is my first high-end and loud bass amp, but I am suprised at the amount of noise it emits, especially with the controls turned up, especially the gain. To me it sounds like I am listening to a MW radio station. I only ask this question because I saw some people had raised questions about the hiss on their units, am I seeing the same thing? Cheers
  2. I am selling a Gator guitar case that I purchased from onehappybunny, I bought it to safely transport the afb200 bass that I bought from him at the sametime. The case has some cosmetic wear to it but is structurally sound, I do not have the key's for it so it cannot be locked, but can be clasped shut. It includes 26 different shaped padded blocks that can be attached to the inner case by velcro and used in a number of different arrangements to get that case to fit many different shaped guitars. It is available for £10 (the price I paid) and will need to be collected from Ipswich. [url="http://www.gatorcases.com/productsmodeldetail.aspx?LID=2&PID=114&MID=87"]This is the case.[/url]
  3. I keep looking at the KP3 (I think I have GAS for it) and trying to work out if I can think of enough uses for it to warrant a purchase. I am thinking that I can squeeze the following functionality out of it: Looper, Drum Machine, effects unit. Anybody think it is worth a purchase? Thanks
  4. I really like the look of this bass at [url="http://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Neck-Thru-Bass-and-Case-by-Gear4music-NAT/8FM"]Gear4Music[/url], has anybody had an experience with G4M's own brand basses?
  5. [quote name='pal1972' post='617007' date='Oct 4 2009, 11:25 PM']re-strung it with black nylon wound flat strings, and had a go and seemed fine. havent had it professionally checked so dont know 100% thats the problem is titally cured! I can adjust the price accordingly if interested?? to say £200??[/quote] I am interested in the EUB, the only thing is I would need to get it posted, is something you would be willing to do, If you are, how about £225 including postage? If you are happy with the above, consider it sold. Thanks
  6. [quote name='JHBASS' post='591625' date='Sep 6 2009, 07:54 PM']Hello all again, I was recently in town, when I saw a band busking. My band may be doing something similar as well. They had a full set up, including a amplified bass player. He was going through on of those Roland Cube RX amps (it was off the batteries). I went home did some research and found this costs £160+, and I'm looking for a cheaper alternative. I've found a number of guitar-specified amps, like the Micro Spider or Vox DA 5, do you think these would work? I don't really want effects etc. just the ability to use it with batteries/without a mains power supply. Does anybody have any suggestions? Cheers, Josh[/quote] Hello, I am also looking for a small portable bass amp. I have seen [url="http://www.ashdownmusic.com/bass/detail.asp?section=practice&ID=222"]this[/url], would be interested to know if anybody else has tried it, has any thoughts? Thanks
  7. [quote name='Guy!!' post='518118' date='Jun 19 2009, 09:40 AM']Its actually impossible to buy a bag for this bass. It has big tuning pegs, so the heads are not wide enough- and the official bag is difficult to get to ship to england, and supposedly falls apart anyway;[/quote] I had one of these basses for a while and got a EB0 gig bag from eBay, hard wearing and pretty cheap as well. [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/EPIPHONE-EB-O-EBO-SHORT-SCALE-BASS-GUITAR-GIG-BAG_W0QQitemZ370212446314QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Guitar_Accessories?hash=item563261a06a&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14"]EB0 Gig Bag[/url]
  8. Travelled down to Godalming from Ipswich on Saturday to pick-up and pay for the Ibanez AGB200. Stuart is a great guy to deal with, good communication via phone and e-mail. The pick-up went very well, the bass is as described and I wouldnt hesitate to buy from him again. Thanks
  9. Just wondering if anybody had used plastic of any sort for a body when building a bass? If you have can you recommend a good plastic in terms of tone and weight? Also, what is easier to work with plastic or more traditional wood? Thanks
  10. I am a bass newbie and would like to train myself to recognise pitch. There are loads of pitch training links on-line. but I wonder if you guys could recommend any approach/technique that you have used.
  11. [quote name='RAY AGAINST THE MACHINE' post='574656' date='Aug 19 2009, 08:08 PM']sorry to but in but ,I have Toneport GX and think it's great. Unfortunately ,it doesn't record. Think I need Riffworks. Has anyone used this,and has anyone got a copy (ahem) for sale.? [/quote] I downloaded Audacity and use that to record from the GX, it is freeware so costs nowt. Get it here: [url="http://audacity.sourceforge.net/"]http://audacity.sourceforge.net/[/url]
  12. [quote name='geilerbass' post='524118' date='Jun 25 2009, 08:00 PM']Welcome! This is probably the worst place to come if you want to buy less gear Whereabouts in Suffolk are you from? I'm a Lowestoft boy originally - there's a few of us on here. Hope you enjoy Basschat, Mark[/quote] Cheers Mark I am from Ipswich. I have been lurking for a few months, it took me ages to work out why everybody had GAS on here. However I have had it explained to me and I now realise that I am doomed like all other sufferers.
  13. [quote name='Zoe_BillySheehan' post='524078' date='Jun 25 2009, 07:08 PM']Now thats a lot of gear for a short amount of time! haha. its addictive isnt it?? Welcome to basschat! Z x[/quote] I know, I bought the Aria first, didnt like the neck, at the time a P-Bass neck was too big. Then the EB0, which probably should have been returned as after two(!) set-ups it still wasn't right. I bought the Bronco Bass whilst waiting for the EB0 to be returned to me during 4 weeks of set-up work. Finally I got the Jeff Berlin bass which I really like, great thin neck so it is a lot easier to get around. As you say it is addictive, I dont think I have stopped yet!
  14. Hello, I have been lurking for a while and thought it was about time I made my self known. I started playing a couple of months back, in that time I have brought 4 basses and 2 amps, I think I need to stop buying and start playing! I am just looking to improve to a position where I can hopefully jam with friends using some creativity instead of relying on the root as I seem to at the moment. Thanks
  15. Hello, I am interested in the bass, would you be willing to post or is it pick-up only?
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