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  1. I will take it if it is still available. G
  2. The first two things I would try and turning the DI to pre output (and as such, pre eq) and then bringing down the gain on the front of the amp. Try that and report your findings. G
  3. Because I have been keeping a close eye on the reviews.
  4. You guys deserve nothing but success Jamie. Love your new record.
  5. [quote name='Jigster' post='788329' date='Mar 28 2010, 09:22 AM']this is a great vid - all about being in the band and having the crack. Made me smile.[/quote] They are great guys, some of my best mates and a stunning band: [url="http://deathtrapcity.bandcamp.com/"]http://deathtrapcity.bandcamp.com/[/url] That session turned into the EP available for free at the above link. G
  6. My mates on the way to a local studio, trying to get their gear in the back of my old Laguna: [url="http://www.youtube.com/user/deathtrapcity3#p/a/u/1/7tTmDLTtL_Y"]http://www.youtube.com/user/deathtrapcity3...u/1/7tTmDLTtL_Y[/url] 2 guitars Amp head Stingray bass Full drum kit / hardware / snares x2 Me Band x3 I killed that car.
  7. Go for it man, I don't think you will go too far wrong with them. They are a good price and anything else around that mark (tannoy, allesis m1 etc...) will be a little too big. G
  8. Cracking wee speakers but not going to be extended so I would not be mixing bass heavy material on them. However, anything by genelec will be musically quite balanced (if a touch bright for my taste) and you will get good results. I use these things from time to time on location (size being a winner) and always trust what I am hearing. I also use DT770 headphones which are extended to balance what I lack in the speakers. That being said, the room is always the key in choosing speakers. Much like you would pair up a bass to strings and a singer to a mic you will want to try the speakers in situ to see how they react. G
  9. The RCD is a protection and warning system in my eyes. If it goes, alarm bells. To remove it is to invalidate buying it to start with. G
  10. Hey Trev, Any chance in a decent mp3? I could only hack about 10 seconds on Myspace before closing the window. G
  11. Lord Sausage, Don't mince your words, feel free to say exactly what you feel and don't feel you have the thinly veil it in pleasantries.
  12. I will take it but will need shipped to Edinburgh. Ping me a PM with details and we can make it happen G
  13. I am in Glasgow on Wednesday. Check your pms! G
  14. If you still have it, I will have it. PM with the details etc....
  15. Matching a mic up to a voice is as simple as trying them both and going with whichever one you think suits your voice better. When you listen back do you like the sonic qualities of you voice through that particular mic? To me the Nt1 is a little brittle and brings out sibilance in a bad way. However, I mixed an album recently where this mic was used for the Saxophone (lead instrument) and I thought that sounded phenominal. The Se2200a I think make poor vocal mics in general however, I was recording a guy with quite a throaty sounding voice and the mic worked better than the Rode NTK, AKG Solidtube, Se5600, AKG c414 etc... I also had lurking about. So, you never know whats going to work and by having a few to try out you can narrow it down to a select few. Good luck, its not easy but rest assured that these days you wont go too far wrong with the usual brands and a little research. G
  16. [quote name='crez5150' post='692247' date='Dec 23 2009, 12:23 PM']Just out of curiosity which AKG is it?[/quote] Its at this point we get "1970 414eb with brass capsual in pristine condition" or "the only marking it has is C12?" Nt1a and 2200 are both fine mics. At this level you wont get earth changing results and I would advise you match the mic to your vocal qualities rather than what anyone on a BASS GUITAR forum advise. G
  17. Another vote for the h2 / h4 gadgets. Brilliant IMHO. G
  18. Cheers man, Glad you got the mail. Drop me a line when you change your mind re: shipping.
  19. [quote name='cheddatom' post='647302' date='Nov 6 2009, 03:01 PM']what about presonus? There are lots of options.[/quote] I used their new D8 mic amps recently and was very very pleasantly surprised by the results for such a cheap unit. On an a/b with my Focusrite Octopre the D8 was very clearly the winner. [quote]^That's worrying. My soundcards are all M-Audio![/quote] Functionally they were good although I didn't like the mic amps (subjective decision here). I don't know if I got some dodgy ones (2x1814's and 1x410) but I still have my 'fixed' 1814 sitting gathering dust whilst my 003 has been going without fault for nearly 2 years now. G
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