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  1. LOVE IT! Very Tomahawk! Bass and tracks sound awesome! You have a PM!
  2. [quote name='Rimskidog' post='571148' date='Aug 16 2009, 10:34 PM']Protools HD3 system. There'll be an API desk in there when were are finished.[/quote] The 1608 or bigger? G
  3. And another here! And, another Napier Graduate by the looks of things. Garry
  4. [quote name='MythSte' post='569206' date='Aug 14 2009, 04:44 PM']I have to fight Papa Roach's side here. I still have a massive soft spot for this sort of melodic aggressive soft metal. I dont know what it is, i think, well, I think it has [i]groove[/i]?[/quote] Me too. Seen him do it live years ago when I was a nipper. Not heard anything they have done in the last 5 years though but did enjoy that video.
  5. Can I have: Led Zeppelin – I Led Zeppelin – III PM me with payment info G
  6. Ok, Price drop to £375 (plus shipping). Any takers?
  7. [quote name='urb' post='551283' date='Jul 25 2009, 06:27 PM']Lovely set up Garry - I know PTs is the dogs wotsits but I'm a Logic person (purely because it's for home recoding and not multi-input craziness) but I'm really impressed with the new Pro Tools-esque features in Logic 9 - I'm seriously considering upgrading as I've seen PT in action several time recently and have been mightily impressed with its editing power - but simply can't justify switing over to it from either a music or financial POV - but I believe it's your job right??? Looks like you've gat all the er, bases covered there - nice work fella Mike[/quote] Hey man, Yeah, this is what I do. I think the difference between all the sequencers is slowly getting smaller and smaller and, in honesty, I think its one of those situations where the driver makes a bigger difference than the car. Logic is very powerful and certainly capable of giving PTS a run for its money in the right hands. Cheers G
  8. Here is mine: Based around an 8 core Mac Pro and Pro Tools LE System it can track up to 18 channels at once. Lots of plug ins from Waves, PSP and the Uad PCie system. Speakers are Dynaudio BM5a. In the 'tracking rack' which gets used on location lots is the Digi 003 sound card with Focusrite Octopre and RME mic amps giving me 16 channels. For bigger jobs I get a PT HD 3 rig which takes me up to 48 channels. The mix rack (which is static) has my Ampeg SVP pre amp and API lunch box with 560 EQ and 525 Compressor (they are brilliant). Also in there is a little DBX 163x compressor which actually belongs to stonecoldbass until I give him some pennies for it. Not pictured is a Boss 1/2u EQ and TC M-One FX unit. I also have about a dozen mic stands, 24 xlr's and other bumph for tracking and the mic locker has a pair of AKG 414's, a Rode NTK, Rode NT5 pair, 58's, 57's, E604's, D112 etc etc etc.... For a better idea of what I use it all for check out www.c-p-productions.com G
  9. Getting messed about on one deal so BUMP up again!
  10. [quote name='ashevans09' post='536131' date='Jul 9 2009, 12:26 AM']Really? I'm digging that tone! Anyone put one of those J retros in a geddy? I am interested I've got to say...[/quote] Sure did. Phenomenal. The amount of boost and cut is sick. Plus the 10k switch is like instant slap tone. And, the pups are not underpowered by any stretch of the imagination. Every now and then I do a gig in passive and it makes me smile that my fall back is a bloody great sound.
  11. [quote name='acidbass' post='535956' date='Jul 8 2009, 07:44 PM']Let's see a pic! Your Geddy looks awesome IIRC[/quote] here are some: G
  12. Lots of interest and one or two offers but still here! G
  13. I have a modded Geddy. I LOVE it. I think if I had the marcus I would say the same thing! G
  14. I am not sure to be honest. It has line level outs on the back so I don't see why not but can't try it to see what its like. G
  15. [quote name='gwizmon' post='533251' date='Jul 5 2009, 07:51 PM']1) BGM don't pay me for writing for the magazine, or for appearing on the cover or for interviews. 2) I do not speak on behalf of them, I speak for myself. 3) You're right about the fodera angle, I really don't know why I waste my time talking about it. 4) Waldo and BBC wouldn't know about business if it knocked on their door and asked them to go to dinner. It's always personal, petty, and entirely bitter. So, tell me..... why is it that people get offensive whenever anyone gets realistic, and have to sit back in their armchair and spurt abuse when things get slightly out of a warm and fuzzy comfort zone. BBC just disagrees with everything that is written on here wether it's me writing or anyone else with a foot vaguely in the real world of bass playing or music. So what's the point? and if Waldo's opening statement when I post here again is "Oh God.... He's back" ....... come on man, that's bul***t. I'm surprised everyone else is so passive and just puts up with it all. There is no good way to bow out. But I don't need that kind of negative crap, I don't think anyone does. It's pretty amazing that in the tens of thousands of posts from countless hundreds of people on talkbass nothing like this ever happens. why can't basschat keep it together in that respect? it's just a waste of time.[/quote] What a shame, a real talent in the bass world comes to basschat and bins us because of idiots taking petty shots. I feel ashamed on their behalf. G
  16. That player is pretty rotten to be fair. I think in the rights hands the bass would sound a load better (and in fairness, its not all that bad) G
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