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  1. That M audio has 2 mic pre amps, 6 line ins, adat in for another 8 and 2 s/pdif giving up to 18 inputs. I have had 2. They both died and M-Audio shafted me on warranty and repairs which took months and came back still dead. If you are looking for that many inputs you can get better for about the same. If you are looking for tools then Digi gear is solid as in my experience (full time recording engineer doing this professionally). G
  2. the beatles: the new remastered hard days night.. 6 pounds the beatles: abbey road: 5 pounds Can I have these two? Tenner for them both? Pm me details. G
  3. Like that. Great for some quick EQ for an amp in an unusual room. Great for recording mixing. Looks great when it all lights up, that alone makes it worth it! No power supply. £40 shipped! Garry
  4. I agree with Rimskidog. For what that 'budget' foam costs, you could get a much more solid solution with some raw materials (rock wool and wood) and a little research in the right places. Also check out sound on sound. They have some great started acoustic solutions. G
  5. Have you tried chopping up one of the garage band loops? Could be pretty fun.
  6. I used my Ns10 yesterday. Its a bloody good technique to have up your sleeve. Have either of you found the SubKick emphasizes the pitch of the drum? I have used them once and found it was doing something strange (maybe overtones or harmonics?)... I have never had the chance to a/b the Ns10 and Sub kick though and wondered what you guys thought. Ps - my earliest attempt was with a 12" driver. Oddly enough the kick drum hardly tickled it.
  7. I do a lot of these recordings and some of them are touched up under microscopic scrutiny. Some jobs I have to edit out a train wreck which involves dubbing bits. Some Jazz recordings I have done go down and then go out as they happened. Its very interesting to hear what you think about all this. 90% of the time its down to my client as to what they want. Garry Ps - I regularly thicken up crowd noise if it is a quiet gig / huge hall / pathetic response on a particular track / to hide some chat and I have never considered this as 'cheating'..
  8. Think what you want. I am enjoying the free-ness of the whole situation right here. /Smug
  9. iLok are a third party who protect companies like Line 6 interests. You opinion and understanding of the situation is clearly flawed. iLok profit from the iLok sales (and the services they provide to software companies and users like me) not Line 6. Before posting a reply, go have a look at what iLok do and offer. I am sure you will understand the situation with a little reading.
  10. [quote]I knew it was probably too good to be true. You have to spend 40 bucks on a f***ing I lock dongle before you can f***ing download it. How ridiculous.[/quote] Most audio work stations these days come with an iLok and more than half of the pro audio worlds plug ins and instruments are also iLok only so, if you are serious, its a good investment. Otherwise dont complain that a pro audio company are giving you a free piece of software and you dont have the equipment to run it. G
  11. Nope, not me, I was playing at a wedding in St Andrews Scotland. Good one too!
  12. Thats one of my dream consoles. Have you noticed the recent SSL's floating about? There is a 48 duality on Funky Junk. I recall at one point you looking at the AWS... Peace
  13. Adding to what has been said, make sure the guitar has some clean new strings. This improves clarity. A dirty, dead set of strings wont ever sound good.
  14. If you are on mac already then iMovie is pretty good. Really easy to use too and free!
  15. [url="http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/77451"]http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/77451[/url] I think this is better suited. All you need to do is split the mics to two seperate places and, as such, this does it cleanly. The main thing you want with a splitter is a direct out (for FOH) and a transformer out (so the split sounds good to the IEM system). I am not 100% sure the signal you will get from the T8 would be as clean and strong as the S8 but, I guess you will let us know if it turns out to be wrong. G PS - have a look at these: [url="http://www.theloudest.co.uk/index.php?sectionid=1&page=view_product&product_id=99"]http://www.theloudest.co.uk/index.php?sect...p;product_id=99[/url] This will also split the signal to the two places but the signal wont be isolated.
  16. One more last thing. Good luck, and get stonecoldbass (glasgow) into your shop. He spends more money on bass gear than any human I know.
  17. And, one last thing. I detest music shops who stock 75% tat. The starter squires are a good example. Sure, stock them, but don't have 8 of them on display to make the shop look like it has more stock. I can thing of a newish 'import vintage' guitar shop here in Edinburgh that is 10% import and 90% beginner stuff and I just don't give it the time of day anymore.
  18. 1) Sure do! 2) Lot's of nice simple things. Good fenders, nice warwicks (between the £500 and £1500 mark) and maybe a sadowsky or two. Nice, solid amps (ampeg, harke, GK) in combo and stack form. Good spares and some decent music (sheet etc..) 3) Visit for a bass or amp, online for spares. 4) On music gear in general £2-3k. Thats a mixture of bass and studio gear. Some years bias to bass others (like last) to studio. 5) Yes, although these days I leave the Credit Card at home for these visits.
  19. [quote name='Bassassin' post='573572' date='Aug 18 2009, 10:29 PM']Cheers Garry - will PM you back shortly. We may need to talk... J.[/quote] Please do Jon! G
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